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Casual Encounters Without Craigslist in 3 Steps

Are you seeking casual encounters and now since Craigslist removed their section, you’re not sure where to go? Discreet Encounters is your go-to alternative.

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I was skeptical at first given that this was an alternative site to experience casual encounters and I have to say I have no regrets. Beautiful people, and easy to use features.


Once I signed up, I was matched with dozens of members nearby and got to discreetly hookup with more singles that week.


DiscreetEncounters is easy as heck! Also, an A+ rating for most of the listings here. I love seeing a variety of different men in one place for NSA action.


Since meeting a member for NSA meetups on the site, and reinvigorating the sexual part of my romantic life, I’m a better wife now in the bedroom than I was.


aI cheated on my husband to find NSA companionship and to feel happy and alive again.

While some like the idea of living life in a long-term relationship, some of us are only looking for something short and spicy with each other. Masturbating isn’t always enough, and men know that hooking up with real people is better anyway. A casual thing allows a man to get the satisfaction he’s interested in with no strings attached (NSA).

With the right personals sites and escort sites on your side, you can now meet new people that can help you get off. They also want to find sexual satisfaction. Women are out there waiting for men like you in the encounters section to give them new experiences in the way only you can.

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Are There Casual Encounters Near Me?

Are local casual encounters available for you? If you’re looking to meet someone for quick sexual satisfaction, you shouldn’t have to travel light years for that. Even hookup dates are meant to be comfortable and convenient, which means the best such dating experiences would be right in your area. In any case, why ignore the huge number of women online on an encounters section who are looking for friends with benefits to try finding a hookup far away?

Sex dating app alternatives employ location services to help their users have a free and fun time in their search for sexual satisfaction. Once your location is supported through verification of emails, it shouldn’t be too hard to create a profile and find a person in the encounters section that makes the feeling of your hands unwanted, by comparison. You can throw in your email address and you’re ready to get busy meeting people.

DiscreetEncounters is potentially the best option you can find for meeting someone in the area for a smooth, safe, and enjoyable casual activity. Unlike Facebook and Adult Friend Finder, there are no ads, profiles are distinctive, features are comprehensive, and making contact isn’t a chore. If you want access to a variety of super-hot women who can’t wait to bear it all for you, this site is your best bet.

What Happened to Craigslist Personals?

As far as a dating site go, Craigslist Personals used to be one of the best free options. It didn’t have the most comprehensive feature and service set in the world, but you could use it to reliably start hooking up with lots of people. The Craigslist site worked, which is why its users always went back for more. Additionally, you never needed to use an email address to access the ads.

Craigslist wasn’t always about offers for sex, though, as there were separate areas for encounters section, hookups, platonic friendships, and dating. It was unlikely that you’d ever visit the Craigslist Personals page and not see the kind of results you were looking to find while on the site.

In March 2018, Congress passed the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act. While the site owners had no problem with the new act, it meant they had unlimited liability. So if traffickers decided to post ads, the owners would be liable. Therefore, Craigslist with an updated version decided to take the popular service offline which led to the creation of many new sites similarly to Backpage alternatives.

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Guide to Casual Encounters

If you’re looking to have fun hookupdating experiences, it’s not too hard. First, you need to create an account on a dedicated site. The process would be similar to creating a Facebook account. Once everything is set up and your profile is created, you can log in to find attractive users. Once you start matching, send a message to whichever woman catches your attention. The goal is to get her to agree to a happy ending date, but don’t be too pushy or rude. She has to be open and want it too for things to go well with each other.

How to Arrange Your First Casual Encounter

After you’ve landed a couple of matches with users, communication makes or breaks the deal. Women like men who are assertive and know how to express themselves so be confident in your online interactions. Make sure to be strategic with your messages, as you always want to maintain her interest when you respond. Remember, the goal is to get her to meet you, which means you need to push the right buttons and put your best foot forward.

As a man, it’s your job to ensure she feels safe. After all, we live in a crazy world, and you don’t want her to feel like this new experience is about to be her last one. Once you aren’t too pushy and you keep her interest, the next thing you are going to experience is her being ready to come to see you and for you two to please each other.

The Pros of Casual Encounters

  • Meeting new women from the convenience of your desktop at the push of a button
  • Women are interested in a hookup with you, and there are no strings attached (NSA)
  • The excitement of constantly meeting new sexy members is always present
  • Lots of new experiences to enjoy during your sex dates
  • Constant access to sex partners at no cost

The Cons of Casual Encounters

  • Lots of competition online
  • The other person may be looking for a serious relationship

Are Casual Encounters Safe?

A casual encounter can be very safe if you go through the right channel.  Meeting new people for hookups is great, but you need to explore your options securely. Your first order of business should be to use a secure platform for your hookup needs. Email, phone, and password verification come into play here. You also need to be safe as men who are having their way with women. Don’t do anything without protection, no matter how appealing your new local sex partner may be.

How to Stay Discreet

First, don’t share your email address information with anyone. Additionally, use an incognito name to log in. You’re a safer person if people don’t know who you are. It may feel like a new experience to be so secretive about it, but you can’t argue with the results.  Try to exchange minimal contact details with the new members you talk to, regardless of what kind of offers you’re being made. Also, avoid the features you don’t need as that’s one of many ways to reduce your digital footprint.

Top States and Cities for Casual Meetups

If you want a casual encounter, where you should look for the best offers? Here are a few suggestions:

  • New York – One of the top locations to find a casual encounter. New Yorkers seem to like things fast, so looking in the area for a happy ending is a good idea.
  • Los Angeles – Another popular location on any online sex platform. Both men and women in LA are looking for someone for an alternative and fun sexual experience. The profiles here feature some of the most attractive people ever, which makes the idea of a hot date that’s much more interesting.
  • Chicago – The windy city is the perfect place for a man to warm up with new members. Many users are on the hunt for some new friends with benefits in Chicago.
  • Houston – The highest-ranking city in Texas features many hot-blooded men and women who can’t wait to get in on some hot, sexual action. Grab a bottle of wine from a local store before you meet and make sure you both consent before everything gets steamy.
  • San Diego – The west coast strikes again, and California shows why it’s a favorite on apps and sites. You don’t have to spend much time in a search here to find a person interested in having you hit it from the back.

Is Discreet Encounters a Good Alternative to Craigslist Casual Encounters?

You can’t find a better type of site than DiscreetEncounters if you’re looking for an online dating site for a man or woman who is interested in a local sexual or love affair. There are many new women to meet who are just waiting for men to hop on and send a message just like Craigslist casual encounters section. Sites, such as Craigslist Personals, did a great job, but we’re now in a time when your search for a free casual meetup isn’t so hard. The traditional sites and ads like on Craigslist personals are no longer present, but there’s a next-level site that does things like a new e-car just waiting for members to hop on, build a profile and send a message just like Adult Friend Finder.

Now you can use a well-designed search feature to find some new action. Your account allows you to send messages to eager babes whenever you log in, and they’re always willing to give you the time of day and maybe something else. This site is the top sex app globally, and it offers the services you need to meet a variety of sexy and horny new people.

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