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The Best Escort Sites of 2021! [with How To Do Local Escorts Guide]

Looking for the best escort sites and escort services? Read our escorts near me guides and try our alternate way to experience female escorts.

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What Are Escort Sites?

Some people have a misconception that escort sites and escorts are nothing more than a high-class prostitute, but this could not be further from the truth. You see, while prostitutes sell sex and engage in the illegal practice, escorts lawfully sell their time.

This difference does not mean that escorts don’t have sex with clients (most of them do), but intercourse doesn’t form the basis of the transaction. For example, some people use the time they pay for with call girls to go on dates, attend events, or to talk.

Escorts meet a much higher standard than prostitution, and it is a much safer practice for both the escorts and the clients. Some sites add additional layers of safety and smoothness to the whole process of locating a local escort and enjoying whatever events may unfold after that.

How is Discreet Encounters an Alternative Escort Website?

Discreet Encounters is an alternative escort website because we connect you with horny housewives. There are many avenues out there for those who want a hookup and using call girl sites happens to be one of the most common among them. The idea is simple, right? You find yourself a sexy and attractive person to give you all the eye candy and adventure you want at a cost. On Discreet Encounters, you get this experience while saving your money.

Escort directories typically provide you with an unsafe and illegal experience. On Discreet Encounters, our alternative to female escorts, do this well since the girls will be clean, you don’t need to worry about legal trouble, and things can go at a more even pace. The traditional escort site experience doesn’t compare to that of Discreet Encounters.

You see, we provide a site that makes the whole process as smooth as butter. Choose from a plethora of alternative call girls based on filters that suit your needs. Since you can chat directly with anyone who interests you through the site, you can get a feel for things to see if you even want to go further. You can’t lose with Discreet Encounters.


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Are you looking to meet local escorts? Try our alternative service right now!

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The Top Escort Websites of 2021!

While there are numerous means of locating escort services, using escort sites is one of the most consistently reliable options. There is more escort directory available than you can imagine, but some stand a cut above the rest for different reasons. Below is a quick review of the best ones, and the considerations for the choices are as follows:

  • Popularity – The chances are that if an escort site consistently maintains a high volume of user activity, it is doing something right in its members’ eyes.
  • User Interface – What does the escort website look like, and is the experience a seamless one? Some sites feel cluttered, and they scream the word “scam,” which means you should avoid them.
  • Escort quality – Does the site use adequate verification methods to ensure that the female escorts are both clean and legitimate?
  • User ratings – Where possible, this area looks at reviews left by members on their local escort experiences.


Listcrawler is as traditional as an escort ad site can get. There aren’t any smart filter or data-driven features present to enhance the search experience, nor is there any ad maintenance on the site administrators’ part.

Instead, the ads tend to be posted, updated, and maintained by the escorts providing their services to the clients. What makes things slightly different from a vanilla ad listing experience is that you can explore the profiles to see what the escorts are about before you decide to contact anyone.

Skip the Games

Skip the Games is true to its name in every way that you can imagine. The idea behind it is a platform where escorts and clients can encounter each other intuitively and discreetly. It employs a straightforward workflow that allows you to “skip the games” to get to the meat of the matter in meeting escorts.

One of the reasons that it stands out so much is that it has support for members in almost every area of the world. Additionally, the site is known for being one that is remarkably inclusive.


CityXGuide is another escort site option that uses a classified ad kind of workflow in its escort listings. However, the data is fully indexed, which makes it searchable and filterable based on each escort’s data.

Of course, you can use the ads present on the site to zero in on the various profiles to see what each escort is about. While it may not have the vast number of continents and countries under its belt that Skip the Games does, it still boasts prevalent location support.


AdultSearch facilitates various listings for different kinds of services, such as erotic massage services and body rubs. However, its escort service offerings stand out more than anything else. There are many ad listings for these services that span many countries and cities around the world.

The site’s standout feature is its inclusion of so many different services, but the escort listings are just about as traditional as things can get. As you can imagine, the platform provides you with enough information to reach out to the escort to arrange whatever you may have in mind.


PrivateDelights is one of the less popular escort site listing alternatives that also doesn’t go much further than what you’d expect with the traditional format. Note that there is a search feature present that works well, but it is not equipped with many complex filters.

Be that as it may, the site provides all the information you need on each escort to help you to decide if you even want to make a call in the first place. While it may not win the award for popularity, the site achieves what it sets out to do in spades.


As strange as this may sound, this site is a sex roadmap of the USA that you can use to find escort services wherever in the country you may be. The information is categorized by location, and the members populate them in surprising detail.

Not only is the community active and helpful, but it provides you with more information than you could ever reasonably need. Most people who use USASexGuide know what to expect from a location before using the escort services there. Of course, there are even recommendations on which escorts to choose and where the appeal lies.

Erotic Monkey

Erotic Monkey is one of the most intuitive and reliable escort directory on the market. It has a built-in geolocation feature that identifies where you are and shows you escorts near you before you even begin to filter anything. Users find that at least a couple of the recommendations visually appeal to them before they even type anything.

Things get even better when you realize that there is a slew of filtering options that you can use to make things even more suited to your liking. Additionally, this escort site is one of the only ones that include real porn stars who do escort services on the side.


Here’s a fun fact for you. The TNA stands for Truth in Advertising. While that’s a bit of a strange title for a site that is brimming with escort listings, it makes sense when you consider the wealth of fake escort directory out there.

TNABoard concerns itself with being a more organized and reliable version of a traditional forum board. The website breaks the USA into its east, west, and central states, helping you locate the information you need quickly enough.

Escort Babylon

Escort Babylon combines the functionality of a traditional escort site with the benefit of reviews. If customers have a fantastic experience with an escort, they can let others know via insightful reviews. Escort Babylon makes an allowance for this and encourages users to help each other in this way. You can also comment on escort profiles.

Of course, you can expect the various filtering and search features that help you locate the kind of escort you want to have fun with. feels like a premium escort site in every respect. The moment you browse to the site, the aesthetic difference hits you. Then you use the site, and it just confirms its world of difference.

The site’s search and filtering algorithms are nothing short of impressive, and you can even see the escorts who are online at any time, which allows you to know who you could get a quick response from. is certainly not cheap, but the experience is well worth the price of admission.

Why Consider Discreet Encounters Before These Top Escort Websites?

Discreet Encounters gives you the best of both worlds when you are in the mood for some adventure. Thanks to our site’s interactive and customizable nature, we can effectively provide the perfect platform for communication, which increases the chances for a successful and safe meeting.

Are you looking to meet local escorts? Try our alternative site right now!

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Is It Safe to Meet Escort Girls?

There are numerous ways for you to meet escort girls, and each comes with its unique set of safety implications. For example, if you use an arbitrary source to find independent escorts, there’s no telling what you’re getting yourself into. Your physical and sexual health could both be at risk. Similarly to Backpage, many websites listed above have fallen under scrutiny and legal issues lately for human trafficking by law enforcement. Some sites are starting to be taken down by the government and law enforcement for efforts tied to human trafficking.

Of course, no matter which avenue you choose, you must take logical precautions to stay safe. That is why we built Discreet Encounters. To provide a safe environment for these seeking a similar escort girl experience. Be that as it may, Discreet Encounters is your safest bet. Thanks to profile verification and the interaction system the site sits on, you never need to worry too much about what lies on the other end.

Additionally, you get a greater sense of freedom over little things like proximity and the location to meet at.

Are The Listings on Our App for Local Escorts?

Discreet Encounters provides an alternative experience for meeting a local escort. Our listings will be similar to the local female escort directory sites and you’ll receive a better GFE experience. Our alternative escort experience will be safe, un-rushed, and save you money.

The first thing our members do when they’re in the mood for some local escort action is search for other members in their proximity. Thanks to an immensely powerful and well-designed algorithm, the results you see on Discreet Encounters consist of alternative local escorts who are only as far as you are comfortable with.

There are several filter options available to you, and one of these is proximity based on the zip code you provide during the sign-up process. Therefore, you can explore the variety of alternative local escort profiles present, as you choose what appeals to you.

Finding your satisfaction should never feel like a chore, and Discreet Encounters exists to provide a substantial experience for all members who want to have a little fun.

Can I Choose Between Different Types of Girls for an Alternative Female Escort Experience?

Female escorts serve a variety of clients who all have their preferences. These unique desires can all be satisfied by different escorts since they all bring something different to the table. On Discreet Encounters, you’re provided with an alternative to female escorts and it is all about variety and satisfaction. You can choose between different alternative call girls by using the discovery option filters. Some of the different escorts types you can find are:

Housewives – These mature women are for those who are looking for a combination of attractiveness and vast experience. They are fun to be around and add a touch of class and subtle dominance to the adventure.

Schoolgirl – Don’t be alarmed, as this naming convention is not what you may think. The girls tend to be in their early 20s, and they usually are college students. The youthful exuberance is the main benefit here.

Dominatrix – Of course, you can’t leave out the clients who want a woman who is in charge and enforces it. There is no age cap on these ladies, but they will put a lid on any submissive who gets out of line.

Are you looking to meet local escorts? Try our alternative service right now!

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