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How many instances have you sent a message which sounded sexy and suave? However, you received a cold or no reply from someone you like on some of the best escort sites. The issue is that a lot of men send to pick up lines that are awkward, creepy, or boring. In this guide, we will go over some of the preferred pick up lines which can lead to casual encounters. So, sit back, relax and let’s get started.

What Makes Pick Up Lines Work

Suppose a lady matched with you on a dating site. Usually, she is already decided that she finds you amazing and attractive. It is your job to cement the attraction and avoid messing it up. 

  • The girl has to know if your qualities match your bio and images.
  • The girl has to know if you are the boy; she furtively hopes that you are 
  • Your pick up line will show if you are smart, confident, and funny 

As the truth is, when you look positive and convincing in your profile pic but deliver an insecure, weak pickup line, the girl will know that you are not a good catch. All the pickup lines below will reveal your confidence and give her an idea you are searching for something more casual.

Perhaps you are thinking copy and paste pick up lines are cool; however, once people catch them from some dating site like Slixa or AdultLook and begin using them, eventually, they will stop working. 

Well, that’s why in this guide, we are not just providing you with the best pick up lines that lead to casual encounters but also explaining why they are effective.

Therefore, whenever you are stuck on what to throw to that new casual slut you have just found sexy and a good catch, you can go back to this post and try to use any of the pickups below. These are all pick up lines that will assist you in keeping away from getting lumped in the friend zone. Therefore, if that is something you have struggled with, this is surely your guide.

How to Avoid Awkward and Creepy Pickup Lines

If you have used or tried sexual pickup lines in the past, perhaps you have noticed that they are ineffective or don’t work.

There is a tendency that the girl will take you for granted, make fun with you, and send obviously disinterested. Do not be nervous during your first meetup. This occurs as you commit one of the deadly sins on an online dating site, being boring, awkward, and creepy.

You don’t have to worry as it is not your fault. If you follow the conventional and majority advice of what it means to be flirty and sexual, you will never be successful in your casual encounter. You will never encounter your most attractive self and never going to get a consistently good response from ladies you match with on a dating site. Lucky for you, that is all about to change, but first and foremost, we must debunk the myth of “one magical line,” which will make meeting ladies on online dating easy forever.

Your pickup line is very vital. However, you also have to be using all other recommendations, such as attractive pictures and a solid bio, and you have to work on making yourself more attractive. There is no magic solution.

But your pickup line is a vital piece of the puzzle. You need to keep away from always showing these red flags in your pickup lines.

  • Getting too sexual fast
  • Being overly graphic with no humor
  • Anything which seems disconnected from the bio
  • Showing low standards
  • Rather you need to make pickup lines that spike her feelings in a surprising and fun manner. 
  • You have to use pick up lines that are bold, romantic, and playful without being deprived.

Playful Pickup Lines Which Work for Casual Encounter

One technique is the use of push and pull. You might have heard this term in the past, but if not, it is the idea of sending a combined message to the lady you want to have a casual encounter with. On the other hand, you’re being direct and flirty. And you are displaying an element of disinterest or indecision. If combined into one statement, this is called push and pull. If you think this is misleading or manipulative on your part, it shouldn’t.

Here are some examples of pickup lines that work for a casual hookup. Let’s check this out!

  1. “Ice Cream, Soup, And [Girl Name ]: All Things I Want To Spoon”

This pick up line is playful and innocent. Also, it utilized the comedic surprise element. This pickup line has the chance to inject some instant flirting. If the girl responds well, you are on your to organizing a date. Always bear in mind that only use this pick up line if you’re self-assured she is into you. Or you are eager to roll the dice. 

  1. “Swiped Right For X. But Are You Y?”

Another good example but this pick up line can be customized according to the profile of the girl. Normally you choose one thing in a girl’s profile, like a hot and sexy chicken image, and then include a push associated with it. If she is into outdoor activities, is she adventurous? However, if she is very adventurous, does she love puppy cuddles? You have to keep it playful and fun. 

  1. “Damn, You Have A Loving Cat! Does That Mean I Will Never Win The “Best Ever Cuddler” Title?”

This is another great pick up line for a girl with a pet picture. This pickup line is sweet but challenging. You are immediately painting a possible scenario of you, her, as well as her pet walking and hanging out and maybe vying for her attention. Here, the subtext is how will your cat reply to me being in your life? Once more, a good response is a good indication. 

  1. I Was Feeling Off Today. But Then You Turned Me On.”

Perhaps this is not that funny and surely will not work on some. But, it is playful, sexual as well as simple. Also, it works well to acquire a playful response. 

We hope that the pickup lines we have suggested will result in an unforgettable experience for you. So what are you waiting for? Create the best profile now in Discreet Encounters.