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Top Casual Encounters Scams and How to Avoid Them

September 29, 2021
Discreets Team

Have you ever wanted to engage in some casual encounters through online apps such as Discreet Encounters but hesitated because you’re not sure about the platform altogether? We hear you. It’s tough out there. The situation is even getting worse, with dating fraud on the rise during coronavirus lockdown this year alone. But fear not, we’re here to help you navigate this scary world by presenting you the top casual encounters scams circulating the Internet with ways on how to quickly avoid them.

Scams in Online Casual Encounters And How They Work

There are many ways for people to reach out and find casual encounters. Many resorts to backpage alternatives to get satiated sexually and some of them are hookup or adult dating apps. While they are many in number, so are the scams that have surfaced throughout the years. Here are some of the common scams you’ll encounter when using these online platforms.

An online app asks too many questions bordering personal

Most adult dating apps use AI and complex algorithms to match you with a prospect date. However, they often do so by asking a specific set of questions to fine-tune your results and give you a near-accurate selection of the right match. Unfortunately, some scammers use this as an opportunity to lace these questions with seemingly innocent ones that are somewhat similar to security questions asked by banks to retrieve your financial info. If these questions ring a bell, you know what’s going to happen next

The selection of female users inside the app are “too pretty”

There’s nothing wrong with having a slew of hot babes to chat with, right? Who doesn’t want that to happen to them? But let’s face it. The quality of users you’ll find online won’t always feature sexy and drop-dead gorgeous chicks who seem like they’re pros—if you catch our drift. They can either be sex workers posing as legit users or fake accounts scammers phishing for your data. If you feel something fishy when talking to these profiles, it’s best to trust your instincts and drop it.

Your prospect wants to have a casual encounter in a dangerous and near-secluded area

When chatting on adult-oriented dating platforms, hooking up is almost a given. That’s why planning how, when, and where to do it is critical to seal the deal. But suppose the other party insists on doing it somewhere not only safe but highly questionable. In that case, it makes you wonder if it’s all worth it—no matter how hot they may seem to be.

A word of caution here: always stay vigilant! It’s not only girls who fall prey to malicious entities. Some men experienced this first-hand, wherein they got mugged or worse, left for dead in a road leading to nowhere by a sexy date they connected with two hours ago. Really, the online dating world is a scary place, so always choose carefully!

The other profile is offering you drugs or is drug-positive (pun intended)

While there are profiles that seem to indicate they’re marijuana users, more hardcore profiles are stating that they’re into “party n’ play” or intense “chem sex parties.” If you encounter any of these personalities, you better avoid them altogether.

Many drug dealers would assume fake profiles on adult dating sites and use this as their marketplace for users or curious individuals who want to get high discreetly. If someone asks you if you’re interested in getting smashed together, it’s most likely a secret code if you’re going to get drugs for yourself. To that, we say a big, “no, thanks!”

The good ‘ole catfish

While catfishing is not a new term, this sneaky scheme has contributed to millions of losses and broken hearts worldwide. Just recently, romance fraudsters have targeted lonely people in pandemic lockdowns. It’s a sad reality that cyber security experts are still trying to process. Right now, many people are still getting conned by what appears like the best profiles on the platform as they are blinded by empty words and sweet-talking—the typical weapons of choice by these scammers.

When your prospect date is more interested in children than you

Suppose you talk to someone, and they appear to be more enthusiastic about children than usual. In that case, it’s not probably because they love children. After all, it’s their line of work, or they’re passionate about the youth—the horrifying truth is that they’re predators and are on the prowl for fresh victims to add to their list. Yes, this is still a problem that sadly is not easily cracked down in this day and age. The experience would actually be worse if it were in Craigslist’s personal alternatives.

How can you avoid getting scammed on casual encounter platforms?

As long as you are vigilant and practice common sense and a sound mind, you can definitely evade these casual encounter scams. One thing you should never do is entrust someone with your personal information or wire them money—especially if they’re someone you just met recently.

Don’t invite someone over to your house, especially if all signs lead to a scam waiting to happen. If you wish to meet them in person. You can do so by meeting them in public. That way, you’ll gauge whether they’re real or not. If they’re not keen on meeting you out in the open, you know something’s amiss.

Lastly, suppose you feel like someone is suspicious within the app, and they keep asking for money or asking you intrusive questions. In that case, you should directly report them and have them blocked from the site.

Despite the horrors of these scams, online casual encounters are still fun—as long as you play it safe

Hearing true-to-life horror stories from people who have suffered from these illegal schemes can quickly turn you away from using these apps altogether. But with the top casual encounter scams we have identified in this list, we hope that it will shed light and arm you with knowledge as you avoid them. We believe that with this information at your fingertips, you can prepare yourself and find the best strategies to fit your dating style.

When it comes to security, there are many options out there offering this. Discreet Encounters, for example, is a great alternative that is true to its name when it comes to keeping your affairs discreet and secured. The app uses data encryption and values your data. That’s why you don’t need to feel worried whenever you’re logging in every time.

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