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Escort Guide to Skip the Games for 2021! [Plus an Alternate Site]

Trying out Skip The Games? Read our SkipTheGames review and guide before using the website. Check our alternate site too.

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What Is Skip the Games?

If you’re tired of sitting at home, watching other people having fun getting freaky, and playing with yourself, Skip the Games is one of the best websites you can use. You don’t need to worry about going out and trying to shoot your shot to get yourself a girlfriend. All you need is a sexy escort who’s willing to open her legs and let you have your way with her.

The idea behind Skip the Games is to allow escorts and clients to come together anonymously and simply. The site’s workflow is a testament to its name, as the process isn’t a tedious one. Hooking up with an escort is supposed to be a straightforward and fun experience. So, if the site had you jumping through a bunch of hoops, you’d likely get turned off very quickly.

All that matters is that you have a desire, and you need some satisfaction. Escorts are ready, willing, and able to get you to rock hard and to rock your world. The platform uses an excellent search algorithm to help you find the kind of escorts that your eyes and your dick respond to in equal measure. 

Whether you like Asians, milfs, or busty Latinas, there are a host of escorts that you can connect with if you throw your hat into the Skip the Games arena. Note that the site is known for being one of the most inclusive, as you can search for your escorts based on fetishes and preferences. Whether you want male, female, or transsexual escorts, Skip the Games doesn’t discriminate, and it helps you to find your happy ending.

Is Discreet Encounters an Alternative Site to Skip the Games?

Any site that hopes to be a contender for a SkipTheGames alternative must be one that facilitates meeting hot escorts without having to deal with a cumbersome process. That’s the whole appeal of SkipTheGames, and that’s one of the reasons why the site has the broad audience it does.

Based on that logic, Discreet Encounters stands in as way more than just an alternative to SkipTheGames. Not only is the process of meeting alternatives to horny escorts as smooth as butter, but it’s also safer than you can imagine. Many people have run into legal trouble when they were only looking to have some fun.

The idea is for you to clap some cheeks, and not for you to end up in prison with your cheeks being clapped instead. Therefore, it’s imperative to stay on the right side of the law as you dive cock first into some warm, wet alternative escort pussy.

Overview of Discreet Encounters

Discreet Encounters is an alternative escort platform that connects the horniest among us with hot housewives that can help you release all the sexual tension you’ve built up. The experience you get is as anonymous as it is pleasurable, which allows you to relax and enjoy the festivities without wondering what implications they have on your life.

The site prides itself on the array of alternative clean escorts available for you to enjoy at your cock’s desire. Many of the other alternatives can’t make that kind of guarantee, which creates a sense of uncertainty that gets in the way of the pleasure and fun you deserve.

You can think of Discreet Encounters as an alternative premium escort experience without a premium price tag attached. Should you decide to use the service, be prepared to save quite a bit.


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What Is the Sign-up Process on

The getting started aspect is another area in which shines out compared to a lot of its competition. When you’re in your horniest state possible, and your dick takes on its steel-like form, all you can think about is diving into some pussy as quickly as possible. The last thing you want is a site stopping you because it needs to collect a bunch of unnecessary information.

While a short sign-up process is acceptable, SkipTheGames has you covered with no sign-up process at all. The only people who need to create accounts are those who are posting ads. In other words, only the escorts need to set up profiles, which works out perfectly for you, since you need to see what they are working with before you decide who you want to bang. 

All you need to do to get started on is to go onto the site and start searching.

How to Browse Listings on Skip the Games

The best way to browse Skip the Games listings is to use refined searches to narrow down the plethora of members to those escorts whom you may find attractive. There are three major search parameters you should use to help you in this regard, and these are: 

  • The kind of sexual experience you want (whether you prefer club, fetish, escort, or domination)
  • The physical characteristics you desire (athletic, BBW, busty, blonde)
  • Your location 

Once you enter your search parameters, things get narrowed down to a selection of profiles. From the search view, you see a limited amount of information. However, you can select the profiles to see everything you want, including pictures, accepted payment methods, operational hours, measurements, etc. 

How Quickly Can I Connect with Escorts on Skip the Games?

The lack of a sign-up process is one of the key ingredients in the straightforward process of using SkipTheGames to connect with the sexiest of escorts available on the Internet. Additionally, the search process described above feeds into the ease of the whole equation.

All you need is to have an idea of what you like to see in an escort. Of course, no one is going to know that better than you, so that information is already available before you even start to look.

Once you find a profile that corresponds to an escort that interests you, reach out and indicate a willingness to make use of the sexy services. The process is short and straightforward, which means you can bury yourself balls deep in an escort quicker than you probably imagined.

Will I Find Sex Using Skip the Games?

A part of the response here depends on the kind of services that the escort you choose provides. Not all escorts have sex with their clients, but most of the ones that you are going to encounter on Skip the Games are more than eager to have you fill them up. The information you need on their services is all on the profiles. The level of detail means that you can’t make any mistakes and assumptions.

Apart from just knowing that the escort is willing to have sex, you get a comprehensive breakdown of all the sexual activities an escort is willing to engage in. So, if your idea of a fun night is deepthroating action followed by anal, an escort’s profile can tell you if reaching out is a good idea. 

Don’t be disrespectful in trying to force someone to do something outside of the listed activities. All you need to do is move on and find someone who appeals to your tastes better.

Is Skip the Games Safe to Use?

A big part of the safety equation is rooted in the personal information that a site has on you per the site’s about page. Traditionally, you would have to create a profile, which means there would be a store of some of the said information. In the case of Skip the Games, no profile creation is necessary, which means there is nothing to store.

This lack of data eliminates the prospect of a hacker getting away with your private data. Please read the terms of service page before using the site. Additionally, the site uses SSL certificate encryption, so none of your sessions are vulnerable to outside interference.

Apart from the technical stuff, the rest of the safety is in your hands. Make sure you aware of all sex trafficking laws. If you plan on getting your freak on with an escort, you need to take the necessary steps to keep yourself protected. Don’t think because the escort is sexy, all is well.

In What Countries Is Skip the Games Popular?

As stated above, Skip the Games is one of the most inclusive sites where escort services are concerned. Much of the competition is relegated to one or two locations, which leaves all the needy people outside of those places stranded with no sexual activity.

Thankfully, Skip the Games serves just about any location that you can think of. If you have your doubts, the areas are as follows: 

  • Canada
  • The United States
  • The Middle East
  • Africa
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • The Americas on the Caribbean
  • Australia 

There is no reason to think that you are too far to have some fun. While Skip the Games serves all these countries, it’s most popular in Canada, the United States, and some countries of Europe.

Is Legit and Are the Profiles Real?

Though Skip the Games serves such a vast array of locations, it must still ensure that it creates a safe and authentic environment for all its members. This premise is especially true when you consider that people don’t even need to sign up to browse the site. 

Many people who have used Skip the Games can attest to its authenticity. They have gotten their happy endings with sexy escorts that they all found while browsing the site. 

Note that there is a profile verification system in place that helps you get some assurance that the escorts you see are who they say they are. It’s always advised that you take advantage of this verification system, creating a safer experience for you.

From experience, we can also attest to the site’s authenticity as an escort service hub.

Our Conclusion

There is no doubt that Skip the Games is a comprehensive offering for those who want to get it on with sexy escorts around the world. It’s a site that doesn’t even require you to sign up, yet you can still find the information you need to get the action you want.

Be that as it may, we must recommend that you opt for using Discreet Encounters, as opposed to Skip the Games. Discreet Encounters places an even greater emphasis on the anonymity aspect, and it provides you with a vast array of alternatives to clean escorts. You can also check out CityXGuide and AdultSearch for more available options.

Additionally, just using Discreet Encounters is enough to ensure that you stay on the lawful side of the spectrum and that you save some money as well. Both sites are stellar options for dealing with your loneliness but Skip the Games loses the edge based on the lesser experience that it can provide.

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