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​Escort Guide to Erotic Monkey for 2021! [Plus an Alternate Site]

Trying out Read our Erotic Monkey review and guide before using the website. Check our alternate EroticMonkey site too.

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First, What is Erotic Monkey?

Next on our list of escort reviews is the site Erotic Monkey.  Sometimes, no matter how good the lube makes it feel, jerking off to porn sites isn’t going to cut it. Even those who have learned to enjoy isolation need the embrace of a warm, wet pussy from a girl. That’s where EroticMonkey comes into the mix. 

The name is a little strange, as no one wants to imagine a monkey doing anything erotic. Bear with us, though, as this is one of the best escort sites available. How do you know there’s a promise of sweet pussy fucking action? Well, you need not look any further than the logo and the slogan.

The logo is a monkey that you can relate to more than you’d like to admit, as he is clutching his “banana.” The slogan, which we love, states, “never spank the monkey again.”

EroticMonkey uses your location to provide you with a source for quality escort listings nearby. There’s quite the collection of hot babes on the site, so somebody is bound to make your dick respond. You can finally be in a position where somebody cares enough to help you cum.

Is Discreet Encounters an Alternative Site to Erotic Monkey?

We’d like to start by saying that we’re not taking anything away from Erotic Monkey. If there’s a site that can take you from jerking off to clapping cheeks in a matter of hours, it’s doing a great job. 

Nevertheless, we must admit that Discreet Encounters stands as a pretty good alternative. On Discreet Encounters, there is quite a variety of sexy ladies who are willing and able to get as freaky with you as you like. Discreet Encounters is not a dating site. These women are incredibly arousal-inducing wives who are just itching for some sexual action. Based on how intimate your dick has gotten with your hands, it probably needs the chance to test some new waters anyway. 

Overview of Discreet Encounters

Discreet Encounters is the epitome of an alternative escort experience. There is no reason you should need to be looking over your shoulder as you fuck a hot lady. Many escort sites can’t provide as much assurance as Discreet Encounters can.

The whole process is smooth and safe, and you always remain in compliance with the law. As the site’s name implies, Discreet Encounters allows you to fuck to your heart’s content, without ever having to worry about how your actions may affect your private life.

All the girl members want is to be filled up by your throbbing erection. It works out great since you probably weren’t getting anything more than self-love before. We know that everyone has unique requirements for the kind of sexy girls that give them the hardest of boners. 

Unless your type only exists and lives on Mars, there are at least several women who are going to have you drooling to an embarrassing degree. There is no reason that you don’t deserve to plant your dick in a set of welcoming walls.

Discreet Encounters exists to bring your dreams and your deepest, darkest fantasies to life. We want to advise you not to get hooked on any of the girls, as you’re going to find it hard to think about anything else daily. 


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What Is the Signup Process on Erotic Monkey?

There are many quality escort reviews online but ours is the best because it features the actual use of  Being eager is a feeling that is always paired with being immensely horny. When you’re in the mood to get it on, the last thing you want is to have to deal with a tedious signup process. Erotic Monkey is on your side, as it wants to throw you dick first into the action as quickly as possible.

Therefore, the signup process is shorter than the time you last when you’re too excited. All you need to do is fill in the following information: 

  1. E-mail address
  2. Desired username
  3. Desired password

Note that you don’t necessarily need to worry about setting up an account if you are looking around at the girl members. However, we know that the tantalizingly beautiful babes are too much for you to just look at. As soon as you start scrolling through the profiles or an Asian massage parlor list, your dick is going to start calling the shots.

Therefore, it’s best to go through the quick profile registration process, so you can contact whoever has the sweetest pair of cheeks you see. 

How to Browse Listings on

Erotic Monkey uses an interface that is very easy to wrap your head around. After all, why should the process of finding a source for quality escort to bang feel like rocket science or brain surgery?

The layout is intuitive, and it achieves what it sets out to do. Based on your location, the homepage features a list of escorts at its center. You can browse ethnicities like an Asian or an Indian girl for example. You get an idea of what the listing layout looks like from this view. Even when you throw in any search filters, the design looks the same. We must give EroticMonkey points for consistency. 

When you choose to search by escort name, city, physical features, etc., you get the results in the same list format. Each listing has the escort’s username, age range, last active time, last review added, and a picture. This basic information is enough to help you decide which profile you want to explore further.

When you’ve made your selection, you can see more photos, more reviews, get more information about the services provided, and you are also given contact details. 

How Quickly Can I Connect on Erotic Monkey?

Connecting with an escort on Erotic Monkey takes virtually no time, once you’ve gone through the registration process. Though any guest user can start browsing the site with advanced search and see the listings, only members can see all the information they need to get it on with one of the beautiful people.

Once you do have an account, you can connect with an escort as quickly as you can complete a search and use the contact details provided on the escort’s profile. Note that some models have a thorough screening process, so getting to pound one of their pussies may take a little longer.

Will I Find Sex Using Erotic Monkey?

Getting laid on the escort site Erotic Monkey is all but guaranteed. Remember that the site features a collection of escorts lying in wait for you to arrange the hook up you need. The only thing that would get in your way is that some girls don’t engage in sexual services with their clients.

We don’t think that should be much of a problem, though, as the babes tend to detail what they’re willing to do on their profiles. Of course, if you find something ambiguous, you can always verify when you reach out before setting an appointment.

Based on our experience, there are numerous sexy women present who are firmly at the upper end of the horny scale. Once you are in the mood for some action, and you are willing to cover the cost of the experience, there is no doubt that you are going to find sex on EroticMonkey. 

Is Erotic Monkey Safe to Use?

While we understand that you may have some safety concerns about using Erotic Monkey, there is nothing for you to worry about. This is not one of those scam sites that want to take advantage of your sexual feelings for a quick buck.

From our review, we saw that all EroticMonkey pages are encrypted with an SSL certificate, so malicious parties cannot interfere with anything you do. 

Though the site doesn’t collect a lot of personal information, it does not engage in the sale or trade of the data it does have. You should read the site’s terms before using it.

The only concern you need to have surrounds your interaction with the escorts. Make sure you don’t get yourself involved with any anti-sex trafficking laws. Pay attention to the reviews that an escort receives, and ensure that you meet in a safe place. We know an escort may be sexy, which may tempt you to go into the fray raw, but ensure that you always protect yourself. 

In What Countries Is Erotic Monkey Popular?

You don’t need to be on Erotic Monkey for long to realize that it is a website that caters to the United States. There aren’t any location filters that make it only viewable in the USA, but using the website to its full potential would be difficult elsewhere. 

From our review, we saw on the site’s homepage, state locations like New York City, Chicago, or Los Angeles, are listed on the left, for you to choose which set of girls and user base you want to see. It doesn’t take very long using the advanced search feature to notice that there are no locations outside of the USA.

Even if you open the advanced search filtering options, all locations are states. Therefore, based on all the reviews and the site’s activity, it’s popular in America. 

Is Erotic Monkey Legit and Are the Profiles Real?

Erotic Monkey has a verification system that it uses to ensure the authenticity of the profiles. Legit profiles on the site need to have their phone number verified.  Things even go a step further, as an escort profile must have recent enough activity to avoid being branded with an inactive label.

If you want to stay on the safe side, we’d advise choosing to go with escorts who have multiple pictures uploaded on the site. Additionally, take note of the people who have many reviews, and pay attention to what the reviews say.

The site is designed to bring escorts and potential clients together with for legitimate business. We believe that there is a wealth of information available on the Erotic Monkey platform to help you feel secure and make the right decision. You can also view the site’s Blog and Forum pages for further information. 

Our Conclusion

Through reading many quality escort reviews and having our own experience, we must admit that Erotic Monkey is a well-built site for those who are looking to get down and dirty with a beautiful escort. From our review, we saw the site’s intuitive nature and the review system help potential clients to get the best possible experience. We are not surprised if Erotic Monkey is why many people who had nothing but fapping, now have pussy lips flapping.

Even with all the good that Erotic Monkey does, we must recommend that you use Discreet Encounters instead. We briefly spoke about Discreet Encounters above, but its workflow puts it leaps and bounds above Erotic Monkey. You can also check out and TNAboard for more available options.

The Discreet Encounters layout has a more premium feel, the alternatives to escorts are verified to be clean, you get to avoid the worry of legal troubles, and the cost savings are unbelievable. Why would you not want a safer and more beneficial experience since you are still getting to fuck hot babes anyway? 

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