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Escort Guide to The Other Board for 2021! [Plus an Alternate Site]

Trying out The Other Board? Read our The Other Board review before using the website. Check out our alternate site too.

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What is The Other Board?

Everyone wants to find the right escort service for them, and surprisingly, there are many sites out there to help. The Other Board is an adult dating website that caters to those who want casual sex and hookups. You’re going to find many hotties out there who want low-commitment or no-strings-attached fun. 

The site primarily focuses on those who want to hook up and have sex with an escort. These women are professionals and are paid by you to perform the services that you request. 

TheOtherBoard has been in business for 18 years now, though it started out with only seven profiles in the Denver area. No one knows who the owners are, but it’s safe to say that they aren’t in the United States, which frowns upon escort services.

There isn’t much to say about The site’s design is quite simple and almost boring. You simply see a white background and a long list of cities and countries with hotties available for your every need. 

While the photos themselves are quite nice, some of them look positively faked or photoshopped.

Is Discreet Encounters an Alternative Site to The Other Board?

The Other Board is primarily designed for men to find escorts. These women are paid for the sexual services they provide. While there is no shame in getting what you want and paying for it, there are alternatives.

Discreet Encounters is an alternative escort site. This ultimately means that you pay for a membership to use the website. Once there, you have access to tons of women, and they are all horny and ready for action. You can set up an encounter whenever you want, as long as the woman is available and willing. It’s possible to meet at her place, yours, or a hotel/motel. 

There’s no confusion on your part as to what the women want or offer. You are free to browse as much or as long as you want, and there are filter options to help you on your sexcapade journey.

Overview of Discreet Encounters

Discreet Encounters is unlike other dating and casual sex apps. Please note that it is not an escort service. Instead, it’s an alternative escort website for casual encounters. While with TheOtherBoard, you are finding women to pay for sexual favors, you do not with Discreet Encounters. 

Instead, you search for hotties in your area, find one willing to bang you and let your imaginations run wild together. You do pay a small fee to Discreet Encounters to use the website. Other than that, no additional money is necessary. However, you can choose to take the woman on a date first, but that’s not a requirement.

The best part is Discreet Encounters focuses on your privacy as a priority. Therefore, you never have to fear that it is going to sell or trade your personal information to third parties. In fact, before you even get to the actual site, you’ve got to agree to keep things private and not talk about the women you bang from the site.


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What Is the Signup Process on The Other Board?

You can browse the site before signing up. However, when you choose to join, you should click the ‘join’ button in the top right corner. From there, you are asked if you’re 21 years or older, which is a requirement for The Other Board. Select ‘male’ or ‘female,’ and continue. 

The first step to join TheOtherBoard is to enter your email, username, birth date, home location, and password. Immediately, you must confirm the password, and then you can continue.

Next, you have to confirm your email address. To do that, The Other Board sends an email with a special link. Click/tap it to go to the website. Enter your sign-in details, and you’re good to go.

Since you can view the profiles of the escorts, you may wonder why you should sign up. For one, it’s free to join. Then, you can request references from the companions or share them with others. You’re also allowed to view the reviews for free, whether you sign up or not. However, you can write reviews as a member and gain instant access to new reviews published, whether you’ve ‘favorited’ the escort or not.

How to Browse Listings on

Browsing the listings for is quite simple. First, you’ve got to choose your country and city. This is a long page, but it’s worth it.

Once you’ve chosen your city, you are going to see a listing of the top 15 escorts in your area. For example, in Chicago, there are only four options. You don’t get any information about them, other than their screen name and title. There’s also a date field to show when they were last active.

Click on any of the titles or names to gain access to the information. You can view photos of the woman, see external links, read reviews, and find statistics about the lady in question. If there aren’t many listings, consider browsing them all so that you can decide which one is right for you.

How Quickly Can I Connect with Escorts on The Other Board?

The timing for connection with an escort on TheOtherBoard can vary. First, you must browse based on the city and then check out the profiles. If you like someone, you should consider reading the reviews about the escort. This gives you a better idea of what they offer and how others have responded.

When you’re ready to connect with the escort on, you should click the little blue “I” under the profile picture. This gives you access to the escort’s phone number, her hours of operation, and email. 

Typically, it’s better to call or text rather than email. You’re going to get a quicker response if you do it that way. Once you’ve made contact, you have to wait until the escort responds. This could take days, depending on how active she is on the site. Then, payment arrangements must be made, and you’ve got to agree where to meet.

Will I Find Sex Using The Other Board?

Yes, it is possible to find sex with The Other Board. However, it’s not a guarantee. Many cities are shown, but when you click on them, there are no available escorts. In some cases, you’ve only got one. They’re either in high demand or desperate for attention.

If you’re lucky enough to find an escort in your city or close to you, it’s possible to get them to have sex with you. However, some of the profiles are quite old. Since you can see the last time they were on TheOtherBoard, you can quickly determine if they’re still available and active. 

Is The Other Board Safe to Use?

Ultimately, yes, is safe to use. Each page features SSL encryption, even though it’s free to join. However, this means you can read reviews, see profiles, and post in the discussion forums.

Since you’re not providing any payment details to the website, it is considered secure and safe. However, you’ve got to pay the escort upon meeting her or after the deed has been done. You also want to make sure you’re not involved with sex trafficking laws. Per the terms and site rules, TheOtherBoard is not responsible for this aspect, so it is up to you to determine how you pay and what amount.

In What Countries Is AdultSearch Popular?

The Other Board is available in Europe, the United States, Canada, the Middle East, Asia, and the Caribbean, among others. It’s widely popular in the United States but less popular in other countries. In fact, clicking on some random cities, such as Bali, Bangalore, and Tokyo, show you that there are no listings at all. You know escorts work in these cities, so it’s safe to say that it’s not as popular anywhere but the United States.

Is The Other Board Legit and Are the Profiles Real?

TheOtherBoard is considered legitimate. While many cities have no listings and shouldn’t have hyperlinks to them, you can find escorts in some of the larger areas in the United States.

It’s clear when you visit a profile of an escort that they are real. You can tell that the pictures are amateurish, so it’s safe to say that they are of real people. That being said, anyone can fake a photo. If you’re unsure of an escort profile, you can read reviews on them. Then, you get a better idea of other men who have utilized those services and what they thought.

Our Conclusion

All in all, we have to say that we weren’t that impressed with While it seems legitimate and the profiles are real, many cities listed had no escorts available. On top of that, some of the escorts shown haven’t been active for years on the site. This indicates that The Other Board doesn’t maintain the website very well.

If you don’t want to take the chance or dislike having to pay for sex, then Discreet Encounters is your best choice. It is full of real and authentic women who want to bang you. While you may pay a small membership fee, you’re not paying these women directly. When they choose to meet you, it’s because they want you inside them NOW.

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