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How Do You Find the Right Escorts?

Finding the right escort is the most important thing. You want to enjoy yourself and possibly live out a fantasy or two, and you can’t do that with the wrong person in the bed (or on the couch).

For this, you need to look within yourself. What type of person are you attracted to? Do you like thin and tall people, or do you prefer them to be short and have meat on their bones? Is it important that they have specific hair color or hair length?

Once you know the type of person you like, it’s easier to find escorts. Consider making a list of the qualities you want for your encounter. You may not get all of them, so mark the ones that are the most important. For example, you might be more interested in Latinos or older people.

Choosing the right escort sites is also important. That way, you can browse members and feel comfortable. You don’t want your personal information out there, and you want to ensure that everything is discreet. 

Sometimes, people in this situation decide they want to try something different. You may ultimately be attracted to young, thin people, but you might want to consider someone a little older or of different ethnicity. This is where you can make those choices and decide which exciting sexual encounters you’re going to have. The best part is you can always change your mind and keep scrolling until you find the escort of your dreams!

What Does Discreet Encounters Offer?

Discreet Encounters is an alternative escort site. With it, you can browse various alternatives to escorts and choose the ones you like most. Then, you can contact them and set up a meeting if you both agree.

We make sure that you and all the members are safe. To do that, we make each member promise to keep their sexual encounters private. That way, nothing gets on the internet, lives aren’t ruined, and no one gets hurt. This is especially important when you want a fling outside the marriage or a casual encounter that you don’t want everyone in your friend circle to know about.

The good news is we don’t care why you’re looking for an escort. It might be that you’re in a dry spell and haven’t had any bedroom romping fun for a while. You may want to add some spice to a boring relationship so that you can perform better with your significant other. Regardless of your reasons for being here, Discreet Encounters can help you achieve your goals – sometimes multiply!

Many people remember the good old days of Craigslist with its Casual Encounters section. That’s long-gone, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t have options to get an escort and entertain your wild fantasies.

It just means that you need a new website to help you enjoy yourself and be free. With Discreet Encounters, you’ve got that option. Our alternative escort site is a next-level site that works for you to get you those beautiful women and bang them without any strings attached!

Types of Escort Services

There are countless escort services out there, and it’s important to know what they are. That way, you can use the lingo when chatting with alternative escorts on Discreet Encounters. Ultimately, these escort services are easy to understand, but those who have never used an alternative escort site might not realize what they mean. We don’t want you to be confused!

Outcall Services

Outcall services are those where the escort comes to you. This can be at your house, an apartment, or a motel. Sometimes, you want to wine and dine them first. With this type of service, you decide where the encounter is going to take place. You can be as imaginative or as subdued as you want. 

We recommend choosing a hotel or motel because it is more discreet. Your nosey neighbors aren’t going to wonder who’s calling at your house/apartment at night or notice when they leave. However, it’s completely up to you and your requirements.

Incall Services

Incall services work a little differently. With this option, you have to meet your escort at a specific location of their choosing. Many escorts like this idea because it gives them a little more control. They can be in their apartment where they feel safe and comfortable. 

Sometimes, escorts use a hotel room, but they’re often very familiar with the staff and know that they are safe. If you’re having trouble getting outcall services, consider incall services if you’re willing to travel.


Specialty services can include so many things. Most escorts quickly expand to the Girlfriend Experience. This can mean going on a ‘date’ first or attending events together. 

Role-playing is another specialty, as well as domination/submissive encounters, fetish options, and more.

How to Properly Browse Escort Sites?

For those who want to use escorts, the good news is it’s easy to browse them. Typically, you want a hook-up or an NSA situation. Some people might only want a one-night stand. Regardless, you must choose the right escort site, and Discreet Encounters is the best alternative choice.

First, you’ve got to answer some questions and create an account. We make it simple and offer a step-by-step process. Once it’s all set up and you have a profile, it’s time to log in and start browsing. 

We recommend that you browse the list of potential escorts alternatives for 45 seconds to a minute. This gives you ample time to see who is available and what they’ve got to offer. 

Now, you can choose a member who looks inviting and exciting to you. Read more information about them and start chatting with the escort. It’s best to use fake names for a completely discreet encounter. If you are both interested, it’s time to set up a meeting. You don’t have to chat for long or at all. Sometimes, you both know you want a casual encounter with each other and can pick a place to meet. 

Discreet Encounter can help you find the right escort alternatives for your intimate needs. This alternative escort site is easy to use and produces results!