Eros Guide for Escorts for 2023! [Plus an Alternate Site]

Are you trying out Eros? Read our review and guide before using the website for escorts. Check our alternate site too.

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What is
8/10Our Score

If you’ve never used another escort website before, is going to seem like a beautiful experience. If you have used other escort sites before, then it begins to seem like a breath of fresh air that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

When you land on the home page, the aesthetic is the first thing that grabs you. You can tell that you’re dealing with a website at the pinnacle of escort website design and performance.

If you plan to be cheap, this is not the site for you. It has noticeably higher rates than some of the other escort sites on the market, but the reward makes it well worth the admission price. Any escort you want to have some fun with will cost you at least a couple hundred dollars per hour.

The home page automatically detects your location, and it proceeds to show you some of the top escorts that you could fuck without traveling out of your comfort zone. Location filtering is not the only thing you can do to narrow your search results. If you’re searching for experiences, such as BDSM, you could enter it as well.
One of’s best things is that it is an indicator to let you know which escorts are online. Therefore, if you are looking for a quick response, you can select one of the hotties that are around.

Is Discreet Encounters an Alternative to Escort Site?

escort girl sitting in bed wearing black lingerie
Some people say that it’s almost impossible to find any sites that could fill the shoes that wears. Those sentiments are understandable when considering the plethora of features and functionality available when you use the site.
Some of the top-tier escorts globally, including some famous porn stars, advertise their services on because they have accepted it as the best and most lucrative platform to use for this purpose. After all, if they were to advertise on some other sites, they would need to advertise their services at the reduced rates that other escorts on those sites already offer.
Discreet Encounters is a site that can compete with on the aesthetic and functional aspects of its existence. One big difference between the two is that Discreet Encounters is an alternative to escort sites and offers you prices that help you save.

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What is the Sign-Up Process on escort site home page‘s profile aspect is another area in which we can say that the developers made an excellent choice with how they decided to approach it. If all you want is to visit a site to get some contact information to reach out to an escort, why would you need an account to pull that off?

The team seemed to see things the same way, which is likely why potential customers looking to support escort services don’t need to create a profile to browse the listings and communicate. Therefore, as a guest on the site, you are not blocked from seeing anything you would need to know what the escort has to offer.

On the other hand, escort service providers must go through the signup process to create an account to post their services. We know that doesn’t matter to you since you’re only here to get some pussy.

How to Browse Listings on

It’s never the right design choice to make escort information obscure to find. Potential clients should be able to get contact details and some idea of what an escort does so that there is some level of confidence associated with the process of reaching out. Of course, some discussion would still be necessary, but at least helpful information, such as limits, would already be out there.
Thankfully, decided to opt for a model that provides potential clients with the information they need to get started on this sexual satisfaction journey. As indicated before, the site automatically jumps to your location and begins to show you a listing. Be that as it may, you can switch the area of focus quickly enough.
It’s just a matter of searching and zeroing in on any profile that attracts you. Profiles tend to contain personal details, social media links, contact information, etc.

How Quickly can I Connect with Escorts on

Sometimes, you need a bit of fast sexual action, and reaching out to an escort quickly or effectively can save the day. When you are in that kind of situation, all you need is a way to smoothly and efficiently talk to your favorite escort or lady of the night to get the service you want.

Your ability to connect with call girls on Eros is an easy experience. One of the reasons for that is the emphasis on the placement of contact data for escorts. The platform offers escorts the ability to include phone numbers and email addresses as contact methods. While there are the exceptions that only provide one of these things, most escorts provide both, helping you more in reaching out.

Note that not all arrangements are manual. Some of the escorts have channels, like The Other Board or even ListCrawler, listed within their profiles that are dedicated to handling bookings.

For the babes, things seem a little bit more organized. You can also check their ad as they list every detail you would need to know about their services, including whether they suck dick only or would meet you in person if you meet certain criteria.

Just remember that open communication is necessary for users in the course of their search for sex. Most of these women will not suck your dick or bang with you for free. Every transaction is a business so you must mutually agree first with anything that you wish to do.

Will I Find Sex using

female escort with male tied in handcuffs on bed
Here lies one of the most critical questions on your mind as you consider the extent to which hopping aboard the Eos train is a good idea for you. After all, the whole point behind finding yourself a call girl is to have some sexy fun by getting laid. Unless you decide to fight yourself, there should be no reason you would have a hard time getting laid as an Eros member.

As indicated before, the prices on the site are not the most cheap and affordable. It stands to reason when a person considers that professional adult film stars choose Eros to do their call girl work on the side.

That said, if you’re horny and you wish to experience pleasure with high quality escort women, Eros is the way to go. They provide pictures of the girls you’ll most like to meet when visiting this site.

Expect that the service they’ll give you is as stated in their profile. Sometimes, to make their advertisements compelling, they would incorporate several links to the profile of their work when it comes to sex sites and the provider they’re affiliated with.

Watch this video here for more information on Eros.

Is Safe to Use?

Another important consideration when using a call girl platform is the extent to which it is safe. While we’re not going to say that we can quantify the value of six, but it’s not worth having your personal information stolen. There are also sex trafficking laws that you need to be on the lookout for. So, how does Eros handle safety management?

First, the site uses SSL encryption to prevent data leaks as you poke around to see who you can poke. Note that your profile and personal information data are securely stored to avoid any form of compromise. Always read the terms before using any site, but Eros does not sell or trade your personal information to any third party.

Though all of this is at play, you may not need any of it. Remember that members who are just looking for sex don’t need to set up accounts, which means that your digital footprint is smaller. Therefore, you are way less likely to be one of the victims of any cyber-attack.

In What Countries is Eros Popular?

The United States is the most popular location where Eros is concerned. The site provides a range of alternative services, such as tantra, massage, dancers, affairs, and live cams. The USA is the only country where all these services are available from multiple sources to significant effect. If nothing else gave it away, you needn’t look any further than the detailed state breakdown of accessible escorts. Bear in mind that the call girls are all charged a fee for maintaining these accounts.
If their services weren’t popular and requested, there would be no reason to do this. The United Kingdom, Italy, and Canada also enjoy some popularity levels on the Eros platform.

Is Legit and are the Profiles Real?

If it were possible to use a website and feel the authenticity of how it looks and performs, would achieve that in some measure. You can almost tell that it’s a no-nonsense site because of the way everything and everyone looks like top-tier quality.
The site’s authenticity is well documented, which is one reason why so many famous people in the adult industry have decided to use it as a source of income. It’s not unlike the amateur call girls or ladies of the night you would often see lurking in seedy bars or ports.
Profile verification is also a part of the Eros formula, and the site labels all its verified profiles. Note that this process is more than just validating an email address. Eros needs to be sure that these people exist and that they consistently match the profile data.

What Kind of Escort Services Should I Expect?

If you wish to spend an evening of pleasure, know that you can find various options when checking out. escort services on the internet. You could chance upon premium escorts or a high-end escort in various escort listings for that ultimate fuck experience.
As you browse most profiles and ads of escorts, you can find a wide variety when visiting these sites. Eros-verified escorts come in different types like girls, guys, and even transgender escorts.
If you’re more specific with the look of the call girl you’d like to meet, you can even see their pictures on these websites and check out their physical attributes like their ass, age, or their hair color. You can even check their locations and spend time with them in your city of choice in the USA, like Atlanta, or probably New York.
As you gain more access and search for the perfect girl to help you with your horny episodes, you’ll feel reassured that all of your needs are covered when paying a visit to these Eros verified escort sites. They’re the real deal!
Apart from Eros, you can also check out another viable escort site, like Escort Babylon or Eccie. Each site allows you to search for a beautiful girl or sexy chicks for an evening of quality fuck. just visit and search for their profile and the service they offer on any of these websites. You can usually find a review about a particular escort so you can decide from there.

Are There Similar Online Dating Services?

Unlike Adult Friend Finder which focuses mainly on sex, some online dating sites allow for the opportunity to fuck with girls (or guys) or just have a wholesome date–although that rarely happens with any sex dating platform.
Some notable samples of these come in the form of Tinder or Bumble. However, if you pay closer attention, other seemingly-adult sites may offer you a chance to go on dates as well. You can check out Erotic Monkey and AdultSearch if you wish to find them.

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison
9.6/10Our Score

Any review on the infidelity app, Ashley Madison, will tell you how much the app has helped them get some high-grade ass in any city they’re located. But Ashley Madison is just more than a casual fuck. The girls here vary and focus on just one thing: a secret affair.

As the ads would suggest, the girls here peddle their services to guys who are looking to spice up their otherwise dying relationship by allowing them to hook up with hot and available girls. Using the app is free although you need to apply for its premium subscription where other unique features are covered.

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder
9.2/10Our Score

If you’re a person on the quest for great dick and pussy, make no mistake with Adult Friend Finder. The name might sound crude but it actually serves its purpose: to find you an “adult” friend for free. The ad won’t lie and any person using it will definitely attest to what it can deliver.

Users who are after a good fuck will enjoy the variety of hunks and girls here. You can click the link leading you to various cities and locations where you want to meet a desirable fuck buddy. Choosing your prospective sex partner is made easier with pictures that you can review right away.

Our Conclusion

local escort in car getting dressed for date
So, considering that we spent the bulk overtime here lamenting about how unique Eros is, what do we have to say about it in closing? All we can do is echo some of our earlier sentiments, including that while the site is known for its high rates, its legitimacy and offerings compensate for them. However, you can get better efficiency than you do with Eros.
Remember, Discreet Encounters that was mentioned above? Well, when you consider the big picture, it has Eros beaten in a couple of ways. First, there is the matter of cost. While Eros has a reputation for its high level of expense, Discreet Encounters has one for its ability to save you money. You can also check out TNAboard and Escort Babylon for more available options.
Another critical point is that while both sides have verified members, only Discreet Encounters can confidently say that its girls are clean. You get the same feeling from having a smooth and well-performing interface with Discreet Encounters, compared to a site like Eros.

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