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April 19, 2022
Discreets Team

Getting attached or married is a good decision. However, sometimes you may need only a friend with benefits or a one-night stand. Not each one is into a long-term relationship. Yet, with the internet populated with a lot of websites like Reddit and Snapchat, it can be so hard to look for the best casual encounters sites for sexual desires. It is not rare and unusual to bump into bots, either.

This is why we have done thorough research to find the best Reddit casual encounters for 2023 that work best. It does not matter if you are into booty calls, a one-night stand, or casual encounters; we have compiled the best Reddit casual encounters of 2023 (casual encounters subreddit included), so finding a casual encounter can be simpler and easier for you.

Best Subreddits For Casual Encounters


if you are looking for casual encounters or want to explore new things sexually, the BDSM community is the best choice. Like Skip the Games, Listcrawler, and USA Sex Guide a lot of members of this platform are sexually active, and you are able to share hot videos and erotic pictures to attract possible matches.

Also, due to having a diversified population comprising hunk and sexy ladies, you are able to find all kinds of no-string attached partners on this platform. This also provides a different communication mode, which takes account of live chat, so you are able to easily keep in touch with other members with whichever one you want.

This also has a wide user base, so finding a casual encounter is possible. Sign up and access the blogs and groups without spending any amount. It is also complementary to leaving comments.


This is considered one of the most used and visited subreddits to use in looking for casual encounters and hooks up as well. At present, there are thousands of subscribers from all corners of the world, and at any given time, there can be hundreds of people online browsing the posts. If you search for any kind of online casual encounters, you can easily find them here. Fact that this platform is global or international, it is highly advisable to use tagging when making a post.

You need to carry this out, especially if you are searching for a local casual encounter. These are tips available on proper tagging that you can follow.


Another best Reddit casual encounter of 2023 is Naughty From Neglect. This is also a popular subreddit and what makes it apart from the rest is that it has thousands of subscribers. This makes it easier to find a casual encounter that will match your taste and preference. Another good thing about this is that it has less competition compared to other Reddit casual encounters. There are likely to be fewer posts as well as fewer people seeing the posts at any one time. So, it signifies that the chance of a member noticing your post is higher because of less abundance. However, it is also highly advisable to add the right tags in the header to look for a casual encounter in the area.


One good reason why we choose to include this in the list is due to the fact that it is particular to your place or location. You’ll need to look for location and include r4r at the end. Keep in mind that not each region or city has its own r4r; however, because of the targeted viewers, it is worth doing the research to look for an r4r in the area- which stands for Redditor to Redditor. You have to include the location at the start of the search, and you’ll acquire your local subreddit. This is likely to be less graphic; therefore, it is vital that all your posts are naughty to acquire the point in what you’re searching for; however, not so dirty that it freaks members or people out.


This subreddit is relatively self-explanatory. Each one is searching for one thing only; no strings attached casual encounter. Same with other backpage alternative sites, This subreddit is very popular, and at present, it has thousands of members from all over the world. There are hundreds or even thousands of horny people flipping in posts on this subreddit. One thing that makes it appealing is that it requires you to tag age and the location in the title and has enough search functions, which makes locating people in the area easier and faster. Another factor to keep in mind is that you can just make one post for seven days. This is indeed good as this subreddit does not become flooded with the same user posting over and over again.


If you want to fulfill your sexual fantasies with some casual sluts, BDSM personals are indeed one of the best Reddit casual encounters for 2023 that you have to consider. A lot of users here are into BDSM. This boasts thousands of users worldwide, so finding a casual encounter is possible.

Active users are usually 25 to 34 years old only, so you know what age range to target possible matches. The best thing about Reddit is that you can post or use this for free without spending any amount. So, if you are into the casual encounter, you must definitely consider this one.


DFW Casual Encounters is also considered one of the best places to find casual hookups. There are a lot of members so it is likely to find one that will attract you the most. There are a lot of users that post on this platform ranging from big women, sexy women, hunks, and many others. So, the choices are very plentiful.


Finding a casual encounter is now easier, simpler, and faster with the help of the best Reddit casual encounters for 2023. However, it is vital to find one that suits you the best as each Reddit and subreddit is different. Make sure to follow the guidelines and regulations to continue using the platform.

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