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Escort Guide to Slixa for 2021! [Plus an Alternate Site]

Trying out Slixa? Read our Slixa review and guide before using the website. Check our alternate site too.

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What is Slixa?

Everyone is always looking for a way to hook up with hotties. It’s almost impossible to find them at local bars, and according to Slixa, you’re a few clicks away. Slixa offers different things to you. However, the primary goal here is to get an escort for the evening. 

The website itself has a modern design, so it’s upbeat and exciting to be on. You can also customize it to help you find the best escort for your specific needs and requirements.

It’s possible to search for your next escort by body type, sexuality, and location when using Slixa. Plus, you can combine many filters so that you get a perfect match for your preferences and needs. 

While the site is a little plain, it seems that’s the most preferred when searching for an escort. doesn’t just focus on finding escort services, but no one would complain if it did. Apart from seeing these escorts, Slixa lets you find your own sugar baby and take care of her if that’s what you want. The site also offers a blog that covers a wide range of topics relating to sex. Here, you can even watch live girls from overseas or in the US.

Is Discreet Encounters an Alternative Site to Slixa?

You’re probably wondering why you might need anything else since you have Slixa. It’s a place where you can find women who are trained to take care of your big organ. They’re professionals at casual encounters, so you know you’re going to be satisfied and have a good time.

While it makes sense to use escorts every now and then, there are alternatives. For one, you’ve got Discreet Encounters. Take a moment to think about the women you can find and they’re alternatives to escorts. This means you’re not paying someone directly for sex. 

For a small fee, you have access to tons of members, and they all want to bang someone that night.

However, you aren’t as likely to find a sugar baby, and you can’t watch live pornographic feeds through Discreet Encounters. Instead, you can experience the real thing, you don’t have to worry about her catching feelings, and you can do it all without other people nosing in on your business.

Overview of Discreet Encounters

Before you rush out to, you should learn a bit more about Discreet Encounters. This is an alternative escort site. What that means is you aren’t searching for escorts who you pay for sex. Instead, you search for and find women who want to bang you that night without any strings attached. You don’t have to pay them or take them on a date. However, you can request the girlfriend experience, which means you show them off at a bar or restaurant and take them home for some wild, naughty fun later.

Here, you sign up so that you can browse the members. There are plenty of women in popular cities, so you’re less likely to require travel time. You can ask them to come to your place or go to theirs. Alternatively, you can choose a hotel between you both, which heightens the discreetness of the encounter, ensuring that no one sees you two together and reports back to family, friends, or that significant other.


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What Is the Signup Process on Slixa?

The signup process required to become a member is quite straightforward. Once you click the ‘join’ button on the home page at, you’ve got the choice to join as an entertainer or viewer. Entertainers are promoting themselves as an escort and showcasing their services through the site.

This means that you want to join as a viewer. Once you’ve chosen that option, you’re taken to the basic form and must enter the details requested. These can include your location, email address, alias or name, and password. Agree to the terms (make sure you read through it all first), and tick the checkboxes saying you’ve read everything and agree. Then, click on ‘join.’ You’ve got to verify your email address by waiting for a welcome email and clicking the provided link. Now, you’re in!

You aren’t required to sign up for Slixa to browse the escort profiles on the site. Therefore, take a few minutes to get a better understanding of the profiles, what they include, and what might happen when you are a member. There’s a description of what they like, who they are, and their physical attributes. When you’re ready, go ahead and sign up for the service.

How to Browse Listings on

Whether you’ve signed up or not, you can browse the listings on Slixa. Simply choose your country and then select the city closest to you. Once you’ve done that, you have the option to see who’s on the site.

You can select from BDSM, virtual dates, massages, and escort services. From the thumbnail, you get a photo of the woman and important tidbits of information about her. Some women want you to fly them to you, and others are only available on certain days or times. 

Consider filtering the results by local women, those who are verified, or VIPs

Verified profiles mean that they have been on the site for a while and deliver what they promise. If you go to a specific listing, you can save the profile for later. There are plenty of pictures to entice, and you can learn more about the escort and her preferences.

How Quickly Can I Connect with Escorts on Slixa?

It’s quite easy to connect with the escorts listed on If you choose someone local or visiting your area already, you could have sex tonight with a beautiful hottie. 

However, you’ve got the option of finding women in other states or cities. Therefore, they may need to travel. You’re allowed to pay for their plane ticket and have them meet you at a specific place (or pick them up yourself from the airport). Still, this is likely to take a few days to work out the arrangement. 

For one, you’ve got to decide when they should come down and book the flight. It may be days before one is available, and the escort may have other obligations to finish before coming to you. Plus, you’ve got to work out payment arrangements and length of stay.

Will I Find Sex Using Slixa?

Yes, you are definitely going to find sex when you use Slixa. However, you must be aware of what type of sex you’re getting. Ultimately, you’re paying someone to do naughty things to you. Some men don’t mind doing this, while others feel a little shy or awkward about it.

Those who want someone to bang immediately should focus on local women in their city. It might still take some time because you’ve got to work out the payment arrangements. Most escort profiles are upfront with pricing. That way, you have an idea of what it’s going to cost for your sexcapade.

You should also determine what you want from the escort and make sure she offers this service. It’s important to sign up for Slixa first. Though you can view contact information for each escort, many of them prefer to start through the site. That way, they get a better idea of who you are and what you want.

Is Slixa Safe to Use? has a great reputation. Immediately upon going to the website, you can see that everything is SSL encrypted. That means your profile information is safe, and so are your transactions. 

When you first look at the site, you can tell it has a high standard. Each page within has SSL encryption, as well. This protects your data while you’re using Slixa.

The transactions for the escorts are all completely through and are done securely, as well. Make sure that you’ve read the terms of service, FAQ page, and privacy policy information. Your device is never in danger of adware or malware. Plus, the profiles are authentic, and the information you give isn’t traded or sold. In fact, the site guarantees that it isn’t going to share your email address with third parties.

In What Countries is Slixa Popular? is most popular in the United States. From the homepage, you can see there are 50 different cities listed, including top places like St. Louis, Atlanta, Chicago, and Denver. However, it is also popular in other countries, such as the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

You can pinpoint the location you want from any state or country when searching for an escort. Plus, there are highly popular blogs that many US and non-US readers enjoy when they’re not looking for hot sex immediately.

If you live in Canada, you can choose escorts close to Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa. Those in the UK are limited to London, but many escorts are willing to travel to you (for a fee). In Australia, the cities with available escorts include Sydney and Melbourne.

Is Slixa Legit and Are the Profiles Real?

The short answer is yes. is legitimate. You can search profiles, join the site, and have SSL encryption for the safety of your personal and private information. 

With thousands of profiles, it’s safe to say that they are real women who want to help you enjoy your time. However, it’s almost impossible to determine if every single profile is legitimate. When you’re browsing, make sure that you’re using the filter to find locals or escorts that meet your needs. 

From the photos alone, you can often tell that the profile is real or not. Many women blur out their faces or hide their eyes. This is a protection mechanism so that their identities remain anonymous.

Our Conclusion

While is legitimate, safe to use, and full of hot, horny escorts to help you forget your troubles, it is still an escort site. This means that you’re paying these women to sleep with you. Some men just aren’t comfortable with that for whatever reason.

There is an alternative, and it’s called Discreet Encounters. Here, you are still going to find legitimate and real profiles of women who want to bang you. The site is safe to use and features high-end security features, such as SSL encryption. On top of that, you’re not required to pay these women for their time and services. You simply browse and find the right member, chat her up, mutually decide to meet, and let the night take you where it wants to indulge your passions.

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