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​Escort Guide to AdultLook for 2021! [Plus an Alternate Site]

Trying out AdultLook? Read our Adult Look review and guide before using the website. Check our alternate site too.

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First, What is AdultLook?

If you’re like many people, you want to find sex immediately, and you don’t care if you’ve got to pay to get it. Men like you are go-getters, and AdultLook might be the right choice. This website is primarily an escort service site. You go there to find women to bang, but the catch is you have to pay them.

There are a few perks to using the site. For one, you can read reviews about the escorts before you decide to try them for yourself. Ultimately, this means you get a better idea of what the woman can do and why you want to use her services instead of someone else’s.

When you get to the site, you are shown a beautiful woman from a thumbnail picture. Scroll down a little, and you’ve got a long list of countries to go through. While the design is a bit understated, you don’t really need anything flashy when you’re there to pay for sex anyway.

Adult Look is straightforward. Search for your country, state, and city. Immediately, it tells you how many profiles are available.

Is Discreet Encounters an Alternative Site to AdultLook?

For some guys, the thought of paying for sex is a huge turn-off. In all of the United States, it’s actually illegal, so you’re breaking the law, even if you call them a companion. does offer everything you could want in an escort site, but it might be better to use an alternative escort website like Discreet Encounters.

With Discreet Encounters, you are not paying women to sleep with you. While you may have to pay for a membership to access everything it provides, you can then search for hotties who want to bang you. If they’re interested, they can make contact, or you can initiate. Then, you two can discuss what you want (such as a casual encounter, a one-night stand, FWB fling, or a quickie in a hotel.) The options are limitless, and you can meet them at their home, your house, or a motel. 

Overview of Discreet Encounters

Discreet Encounters isn’t like other dating apps and sites. It’s primarily geared toward hookups and casual sex, so there’s no risk of finding a woman who wants a long-term relationship. Also, it’s not an escort service. Instead, it’s an alternative escort site. This means you don’t have to pay women to sleep with you or perform oral services. 

Ultimately, you sign up and view profiles of real women. They are all horny and ready to go. All you have to do is chat with them, find out if they’re interested, and decide when and where to meet. You could end up having sex tonight!


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What Is the Signup Process on Adult Look?

When you first arrive on AdultLook, you’ve got the option to search for escorts in your area. You may also scroll down to find your country/state/city and go from there. Though you don’t have to sign up to see how many escorts are in your area, you must join before you can view profiles, talk to escorts, and read reviews about them.

At the very top of the website, there is a red “sign-up now” button. Click on that, and you are taken to the form. Since you’re the one looking for an escort, you should choose the hobbyist, which is automatically selected for you. Providers are the ‘companions’ or escorts that you search for.

Enter your email address, a username, and a preferred password. Tick the checkbox to show that you’re a human, and read the terms for use of the Adult Look site. Once you’ve done all that, you can click the blue button indicating that you’ve accepted the terms and wish to continue.

From there, you have access to everything on AdultLook. You’re taken back to the homepage, where you can search for escorts in your area or browse.

How to Browse Listings on

The first thing you should do is sign in to your account or create one. When you’ve done that, you can type your state and city into the search bar at the top. If you don’t like in the United States, scroll through the many countries, and click on yours. 

Then, you can choose the city you live in. If it’s not listed, it means there are no available escorts in that area. You can choose another city that’s close to you, but remember, you may have to travel there to get any action.

There’s a number next to each city on Adult Look, which indicates how many escorts are available. When you click on your city, you can see if there are male escorts, transsexuals, and females. 

Start scrolling through the thumbnail images of the beautiful women to find one you like. Click on a picture to see contact information and other pertinent things. Some escorts list their prices, and you can read the reviews about the person if there are any.

How Quickly Can I Connect on AdultLook?

It’s possible to connect with an escort on almost immediately. The signup process is fast and only takes a few minutes. From there, you just need to pick your country/state/city or one close to you.

Scroll through the many profiles on AdultLook. When you find one you like, check prices and give them a call or text when you’re ready.

The Adult Look website doesn’t show you when escorts are online right then. Therefore, it’s hard to say when they are going to respond to your message. If no one answers when you call, leave a voicemail if possible. Otherwise, try back at a different time.

Ultimately, it’s hard to say how fast you can get an escort through It depends on many factors, such as how active the person is online, how their phone is set up, and more.

Will I Find Sex Using AdultLook?

Yes, it is possible to find sex with AdultLook. You don’t have to do much; just sign in, go to your city, and see who’s available. However, there’s no guarantee that the profiles are still active and being maintained. Since you get a phone number, it’s easy to send a text or make a call. Nevertheless, you’ve got no idea if their number has changed or if they’re still in the business.

Many times, these escort websites don’t maintain their information accurately. Therefore, you may call to talk to someone with a sexy voice and get a mother of two who has no idea why you’re calling her.

This isn’t meant to alarm you, but it’s important to know what you’re getting into.

Is AdultLook Safe to Use?

Yes, AdultLook is safe to use. It features SSL encryption on each page, including the homepage. This means that any information you provide on the site is not going to be shared or sold to a third party. It also means that hackers can’t gain access to any of your information.

Still, it’s a good idea to use caution. Some of the profiles have clickable links. Make sure to review the terms. We don’t recommend that you click on anything from another member. Even the phone numbers are clickable, so it might be a good idea to use a PC or laptop to get the information or write it down if you’re using a smart device. That way, you can enter the number into your keypad personally to avoid malware being put on your phone or computer.

You should also be aware of anti-sex trafficking laws when using any websites similar to AdultLook. Look at escort reviews and always use precautions.

In What Countries Is AdultLook Popular?

As with other escort sites, is popular in most of the large cities and countries in the world. Regardless of the ones we clicked on, there was at least one escort available for service. If it shows you a city, state, or country, someone is there. Otherwise, it’s not left on the list. In Illinois (USA), for example, Jacksonville isn’t shown because there are no escorts there.

Is AdultLook Legit and Are the Profiles Real?

We do feel that AdultLook is legitimate. It’s free to join, so you’re not out any money. Plus, the site seems pretty straightforward to use.

However, we do wonder about some of the profiles on Adult Look. Most of them appear real and are amateurish in nature. Still, there are a few that look photoshopped or staged. All in all, though, we feel that you’re in control of the situation at all times. If you call one of the escorts or text them and don’t feel comfortable, you’re not obligated to go any further.

Our Conclusion

If you are interested in hot, nasty sex with someone, an escort might seem like the perfect solution, and has many of them, depending on where you live and what you want. However, it’s not the only choice.

Many men don’t like the idea of paying for sex, and you don’t have to when you choose Discreet Encounters. It offers many genres, such as BBW, cougars, MILFs, and more. Plus, the website is easy to use and completely secure. Just answer a few questions, enter your email address and/or phone number, and you’re ready to see who’s out there waiting for you. This alternative escort site helps you find hot women to bang tonight without the hassle of payment arrangements.

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