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Escort Guide to Escort Babylon for 2021! [Plus an Alternate Site]

Trying out Escort Babylon? Read our EscortBabylon review and guide before using the website. Check our alternate site too.

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What Is Escort Babylon?

Like any other escort site, Escort Babylon is filled to the brim with listings of smoking hot escorts to bring your dirtiest fantasies to life. However, it goes above the call of duty, as it combines the functionality of your garden-variety escort service site with the informative nature of an escort review site.

Therefore, potential customers can strategically choose their service providers based on information from previous experiences. If there is any product or service that you want to purchase, the chances are that you’re going to make use of the reviews if they are available. No one wants to make a blind purchase if they don’t have to.

Escort Babylon prevents you from going in blind thanks to all the dedicated community’s user reviews. Of course, you also get a location breakdown to make things more convenient. It wouldn’t be beneficial for you to be finding and chasing after escorts, who are 50 miles away. 

Apart from the review aspect, users are also free to place comments on escort profiles. Amazingly, trolls don’t get away here, as moderators work assiduously to ensure that only helpful comments remain.

Is Discreet Encounters an Alternative Site to Escort Babylon?

We would be lying if we claimed that Escort Babylon wasn’t a well-designed site with a well thought out design and process flow. You get various escort listings combined with the ability to write and view comments and service reviews.

While the site is a good one by any measure, you may also want to consider bringing Discreet Encounters into the equation if you want some real and safe fun. Discreet Encounters also has a massive number of alternatives to escorts. With such a large figure, you are bound to find numerous hotties that meet your aesthetic requirements.

As far as the user interface and the intuitiveness of Discreet Encounters go, they have a premium feel when compared to a site, such as Escort Babylon. The difference is like night and day, and you should consider using this alternative for a smoother and better experience.

Overview of Discreet Encounters

Discreet Encounters is an alternative escort site designed to give you a premium experience without forcing you to break the bank. When compared to a lot of other offerings on the market, you are going to be saving quite a bit if you use this platform.

Apart from the attractive price, consider that all the alternative escorts are tremendously gorgeous housewives who can’t wait to get on top of you. The girls are also clean, which means you don’t need to worry about certain issues when completing your transactions.

Anonymity is also heavily promoted, which means you don’t need to worry about your private life spilling over into your days. 


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What Is the Signup Process on

The creators of Escort Babylon realized that people would be using the site in different ways. These use cases are critical to the equation since they determine if there is any need for you to sign up at all.

For example, if you’re super horny and looking for an escort to bang, you don’t necessarily need to create a profile. While other websites block non-members from viewing the escort information, EscortBabylon is not one of them. 

Fortunately, if you had any plans to leave reviews or comments, the guest account isn’t going to cut it. You must create named member accounts if you want to take part in those kinds of interactions.

Escorts also need to create profiles before they can post any ads. The good news is that this is one of the sites that doesn’t collect any unnecessary information it doesn’t need. 

If you intend to sign up to become a member of Escort Babylon, you only need to enter your email address, password, and password confirmation. Once you submit that information, you complete the email verification process, and you can freely move around on the site.

How to Browse Listings on Escort Babylon?

There are more listings on escort Babylon than you can imagine, so the site has to do what it can to narrow the search results for you. Therefore, when you browse to the site’s homepage, there are no listings revealed unless you search or choose your location and customization options.

Once you’ve selected a city, you can organize the ad listings by popularity, by date, and you can even choose the filter based on ads that have been updated by the poster recently.

Once you selected the categories you want, you get a list of ads that you can browse. You can view the ad poster’s profile, including comments, reviews, information, and pictures.

How Quickly Can I Connect with Escorts on Escort Babylon?

The answer to this question depends on how quickly you want to connect with an escort and how specific your tastes may be. While you have categories that you can choose from to see ad listings, the granular search features available on some other escort sites are not present on EscortBabylon.

Therefore, you are likely going to end up in a scenario where you are scrolling through accounts before eventually deciding who it is that you want to bang. Luckily, the escorts are kind enough to include all the necessary contact information, so that the process is not a chore. Once you find an ad and you think the person is attractive, all you need to do is use the contact information to reach out.

Will I find Sex Using EscortBabylon?

If you want to get laid and use EscortBabylon, we do not doubt that you’re going to be balls deep in someone very soon. The only problem is finding out if sex is on the table is not always a straightforward affair.

While the site has comments and review areas, not all escorts that you are interested in are going to have any. Additionally, many of the babes on the site neglect to add information on the services they are willing to do.

When you consider that some escorts don’t engage in sexual intercourse with their clients, you immediately begin to realize that sometimes, finding sex is not so easy.

Is EscortBabylon Safe to Use?

The site is safe to use because of how it works. You don’t necessarily need to create an account to browse around and enjoy the escort listings. All you need to do is make sure that you don’t get yourself in a sex trafficking case. Therefore, you wouldn’t have to worry about that information being protected as it doesn’t exist.

However, note that those who need to create accounts to move around also have no worries, as EscortBabylon and does not sell or trade your information with third parties for any reason imaginable. 

Additionally, the web pages have SSL encryption, which means that any malicious viruses cannot intercept your session on the site at any time.

In What Countries is Escort Babylon Popular?

EscortBabylon caters to a handful of countries around the world. Based on the number of ads placed on the site and the associated patronage, the site is prevalent in all the locations. These include: 

  • Canada
  • Australia
  • USA
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • France
  • England 

Note that all these locations are further broken down into smaller areas, such as cities. It makes it that much easier to find escort services in your area.

Is Escort Babylon Legit and Are the Profiles Real?

It’s hard to deny that Escort Babylon has a dated look that is likely to make you wonder about its authenticity. There are many sites that don’t have realistic offerings that have this aesthetic, which can be a turnoff.

However, we must admit that EscortBabylon is the exception and not the rule. If ever a site proved that functionality is not tied to appearance, this would be that website. While it appears to be a little rough around the edges, there is a stellar escort and client connection platform beneath it all.

Not only did the side creators go the extra mile by ensuring that the site is secure, but the profiles are those of legitimate escorts. Every service provider doesn’t have many reviews or comments, but those who do tend to stand out, since you get some form of verification about their authenticity.

All the escorts had to create an account, which means they could not start putting up photos and information without verifying their email addresses.

Our Conclusion

There’s a reason why so many people in the market for escort pussy are so enthralled by Escort Babylon. As simplistic as the site may seem, people concern themselves with the results. Escort Babylon has been the reason that so many of its members can recount memorable sexual experiences.

However, we must recommend that you opt for Discreet Encounters instead of escort Babylon. The core functionality of the latter falls within the offerings of the former. Additionally, Discreet Encounters operates on legal grounds, and it saves you quite a bit. The alternative escorts are also verified to be clean, which means you don’t need to worry much about your hot activities’ negative implications. You can also check out USASexGuide and ListCrawler for more available options.

Allow Discreet Encounters to help you find the pleasure you deserve.

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