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Escort Guide to AdultSearch for 2021! [Plus an Alternate Site]

Trying out If so, read our AdultSearch review before using the website. Check out our alternate Adult Search site too.

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What is AdultSearch?

Imagine using Google to run a quick search for some of your favorite porn sites. You know what kind of results you would expect to see, and it’s unlikely that Google would ever disappoint you. You can think of AdultSearch in the same type of way as you would Google.

What do we mean by that? While AdultSearch is not a traditional escort site, it acts as a search engine to point you the escort services in more places worldwide than you can imagine. The search algorithm is very inclusive, as you can search for gay or transsexual escorts if you wish.

The premise is simple, as the algorithm locates ads placed on the site by people offering the services. If your search criteria match with an ad’s parameters, you get to see those escorts. 

The search filters aren’t too over the top, which makes the filtering process very easy. The ads contain all the information you need to meet and fuck any escort that catches your eyes. 

Apart from your typical escort services, you can use the site to find sex shops, erotic massage services, and even live sex cams if you want a porn experience that’s a little more interactive than the norm.

Is Discreet Encounters an Alternative Site to AdultSearch?

There’s no denying that AdultSearch is an excellent site at what it does. You can get connected with escorts in numerous areas to enjoy some sexy fun behind closed doors (or out in public if that’s your thing).

Going the Discreet Encounters route also allows you to get connected with alternatives to escorts, and there are a few more benefits to mention. While the escorts on AdultSearch are a mixed bag, you can rest assured that all the alternatives you can find on Discreet Encounters are clean.

Additionally, you get to save on the cost by using the website as an alternative to AdultSearch. Legal trouble is another area that you don’t need to worry about while using the site, as it remains on the legit side of the fence.

Discreet Encounters boasts a collection of hot, horny housewives who offer you the kind of experience you can use to blow off your sexual tension.

Overview of Discreet Encounters

Discreet Encounters is a top-tier offering where alternative escort experiences are concerned. Customers get a premium experience that doesn’t have a premium price tag attached like getting escorts.

Concerns, such as those for your safety, are no longer a thing, as the website lends itself to a safe, convenient, and smooth experience. Additionally, the use of the word “discreet” exists in more than just name, as the process is designed to preserve your anonymity. There is no need for the fun you have behind closed doors to affect you in your personal life. 

You can search and filter to your dick’s desire, as there are hot babes that fit just about every bill. Regardless of your preferences, you are guaranteed to find more than a few hotties to show you a good time. 


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What Is the Signup Process on

Before you can start to get down and dirty with the escorts on AdultSearch, you must go through the site’s signup process. We understand that hearing that can turn you off when you want to dive headfirst into an escort platform.

Sometimes, you want to get between an escort’s legs as quickly as possible, and a tedious signup process is not going to grant that desire for you. Additionally, sites that have you filling out personal details for a long period to create a profile are usually not very easy to navigate. There’s an obvious downside there, as finding and meeting escorts ends up taking way longer than you’d like.

Thankfully, doesn’t fall under that category. Frankly, if it did, you’d likely not be reading this review right now. We know that there is no point in reviewing a site that people aren’t going to look at twice because the signup is a barrier to entry. On the contrary, AdultSearch only requires a couple of pieces of essential information for you to get going. This information includes: 

  1. Your email address
  2. Your password
  3. Your username 

Of course, you must confirm the password, so that the site knows that it has the right one. Imagine getting tired of jerking off and being unable to get access to some buns because your password got screwed up in the entry.

Once you fill out the basic form, you complete a captcha and hit the “I Accept” button. Verify your email address, and you’re good to go to seek escorts.

How to Browse Listings on Adult Search

As indicated before, Adult Search works like a search engine for escort and other sex jobs. Though it has search functionality, you can’t just throw anything into the search bar like for eye color and ethnicity. You can quickly find an Asian or Black escort.  You can also classify if you want girlfriend experience (GFE) or not. The search is designed to provide you with listings based on a city. Therefore, if you want to enter something to search for, it must be a location that the site has registered.

Alternatively, there is a collection of location names that you can choose from on Adult Search to get the same listings. Search categories include:

  1. Female escort listings
  2. Male escort listings
  3. Transsexual escort listings 
  4. Body rubs 
  5. Swingers clubs
  6. Strip clubs
  7. Erotic massages
  8. Sex shops 

The results you get are well-organized under these categories, so if your only concern are for escorts, you can click on that to focus your efforts.

How Quickly Can I Connect with Escorts on AdultSearch?

The speed with which males can connect with an escort on AdultSearch depends on where you look and who you are looking for. There is no doubt that no matter which location you choose, there is a collection of listings for you to browse and enjoy.

However, some guys are a bit pickier than others, and some have unique tastes in escort services. You can get connected to the hottie you desire as soon as the relevant ad catches your eye. 

The ads are usually completed with the contact information that you can use to reach out to the escorts you want.

Will I Find Sex Using AdultSearch?

The only way we can imagine that you can use AdultSearch and not find sex is through a lack of effort. With a single click, once you get past the page that requests your location, virtually every escort listing you see is one that offers sexual experiences.

The escorts know that horny people like you visit the site regularly to find some sexy action. Therefore, they are more than eager to put all the details you need right in front of you, so reaching out is a cakewalk.

The escorts also list the prices and once you are willing to pay them, there is nothing we can think of that would get in the way of your sexual pleasure. 

If you have a hard time getting women to sleep with you under normal circumstances, using AdultSearch is like turning on life’s easy mode for getting some pussy. 

The Adult Search site creators understood the platform would not do very well if people had to jump through many hoops to find some sex through escorts. Therefore, what you have is one of the most straightforward experiences on the internet.

Is AdultSearch Safe to Use?

Thanks to SSL encryption, no external malicious parties can get access to any of your information as you use Adult Search. The site creators also don’t engage in the sale or trade of your personal information to third parties for any reason. Make sure to read the terms before using the site.

Remember that this site functions as an escort service search engine, so it boils down to your looking at information posted by the various service providers.

The only safety you need to worry about is protecting yourself when you get to the point of your sexual encounters. You want to make sure you’re not involved with sex trafficking laws. We know that female escorts can be so attractive that you want to enjoy a raw experience, but that’s not the best approach to take.

In What Countries Is AdultSearch Popular?

AdultSearch provides great listings in a plethora of areas and regions around the world. It’s no surprise that with the amount of coverage the site has, there are numerous popular locations based on page visits. 

The United States is the most popular region, which is why you can find a comprehensive breakdown by the state and city on the home page. However, as they offer the site in a different language, there are many more popular locations, such as:

  1. Argentina
  2. Brazil
  3. Canada
  4. China
  5. Cuba
  6. Dubai
  7. Germany
  8. Greece
  9. Japan
  10. Mexico
  11. Panama
  12. Philippines
  13. Russia
  14. Singapore
  15. South Africa
  16. Thailand
  17. United Kingdom

Is AdultSearch Legit and Are the Profiles Real?

AdultSearch stands as a legitimate avenue to help horny and sometimes hopeless people to find their happy endings in escorts and other needs. The site aims to provide an open and honest platform that brings girls and service providers together with those who want to partake in their pleasurable offerings.

Though there isn’t a comprehensive profile verification system in place on Adult Search, you can zero in on profiles to check for authenticity indicators. For example, real profiles tend to contain numerous pictures of the female escorts from various angles.

Additionally, there is usually a breakdown of provided services and acceptable limits, along with a contact number so you can reach out quickly enough. You are likely never going to encounter a fake profile on the site, but you can use these areas to tell for sure.

Our Conclusion

There is no doubt that AdultSearch is one of the best options on the internet today for those who have an interest in sex services, strip clubs, sex shops, erotic massages, etc. The platform offers a breakdown by location, and it is one of the few that supports so many different regions worldwide.

While the user interface on Adult Search is minimalistic, it’s reasonably easy to navigate, making getting to the information you want that much easier. You can also check out PrivateDelights and Erotic Monkey for more available options.

Be that as it may, we must recommend that you use Discreet Encounters instead. Discreet Encounters has a more fleshed-out search algorithm to help you find a girl that can meet your needs even easier. Additionally, your aesthetic requirements are bound to be met by several of the hotties on the site.

Additionally, you have a guarantee that the alternative to an escort is clean, and you will also save a quick buck.

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