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The Best Backpage Alternatives and Replacements in 2021 [10 New Sites]

Are you looking for Backpage alternative websites? View the best 10 new sites similar to Backpage. These are the best Backpage replacements!

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What Was Backpage?

Backpage actually started out as an advertising website, similar to the classifieds of a local newspaper. It was founded in 2004, but it quickly ended up as the place where people bought and sold sex. In fact, it became the largest marketplace for buying/selling sex. 

The site was created by Michael Lacey and had over 120 employees when it got shut down by federal law enforcement in April of 2018. 

Backpage’s adult services section was primarily the investigation subject by the FBI and many other agencies. People had been making accusations that the site knowingly allowed its users to post ads relating to human trafficking and prostitution and that this type of behavior was encouraged. Since most of it seemed to be about minors, the FBI and other agencies quickly looked into it and shut it down.

While there is no ‘new Backpage’ available, there are many other options available.

The Best Backpage Alternatives and Replacements in 2021

Some of the best Backpage alternatives and websites include the ones mentioned below. It’s our goal to help you find other sites like Backpage so that you can get the sex you want when the need arises. Though you could go to bars and try your best, there’s only a slim chance. With these 10 alternatives, you’ve got a better shot to get sex tonight.

Discreet Encounters

Discreet Encounters is an alternative escort site, which means you never have to pay a woman for sex. You can find and meet interested people for casual encounters, and do it at your house, theirs, or a hotel. However, there’s no prostitution involved because they’re doing it for fun and because they want to.

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is a Canadian online dating and social networking site marketed to those who are in relationships are married. Many times, you are searching for someone else to have sex with because you’re unsatisfied in your current situation. The site promises to be discreet and help you meet lonely housewives and bored men.


Doublelist is another website that offers classifieds for sex and dating. Primarily, people sign up for casual dating, but there can also be one night stands, NSA, and FWB relationships. It has various genres and could be a great Backpage replacement for those who don’t want to do anything illegal.

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is the world’s largest dating site for adults to find singles and swingers for casual sex and discreet hookups. The company is American-based and was founded in 1996. It primarily focuses on adult entertainment but also offers social networking and online dating services. Get your freak on with like-minded people!


Those who want a true Backpage alternative may wish to consider Slixa. It is an escort service and offers tons of private entertainers who are willing to travel to you. The site looks similar to some of the popular social media options, so it’s easy to navigate and learn how to use. However, the goal is to find someone to pay for sex.

Well Hello

Well Hello calls itself an adult dating community, solely found online. It’s designed for singles, but there’s no shame in married people finding hookups, too. You ‘date’ someone online and then invite them to your place or a hotel when the time is right. Though it’s unconventional, it’s a popular site for people who want to have fun.


Those who are interested in sites like Backpage are sure to appreciate Listcrawler. It’s a classifieds aggregator, so it collects escort ads from other sites and posts all of them to one list. In a sense, it helps you find paid sex much easier because you don’t have to join multiple websites.


Fuckbook is one of the top dating sites on the market. It’s there to help adults communicate with like-minded people (those who want to have sex). You can find locals or search anywhere in the world and share with others before meeting with them for casual or discreet sex. is primarily an escort directory and is filled with adult entertainment of every kind. It’s affiliated with Bolma Star Services, which operates out of North Carolina. However, its reach is much more than that and focuses on over 100 area-specific options throughout the world. If you want to pay for sex, this is the place to go.


Ultimately, P411 is a verification system between the gentleman callers and their companions (escorts). You can use the site and know that each woman here is vouched for by the company. Escorts can also use it to verify clients to ensure that they are ‘safe’ and ‘okay’ for them to be with and enjoy time together.

What Happened to

Ultimately, the FBI seized because the site was linked to sex trafficking crimes. When it initially happened in 2018, users of the site could read a notice that claimed the website was seized by many federal agencies. In fact, it was at the heart of a big debate on amending the bedrock internet law.

State and federal authorities seized the online classifieds website because it was frequently accused of being part of sex trafficking. Reportedly, seven people were indicted, too, on 93 counts of crimes relating to prostitution and money laundering.

There were 17 victims who came forward, including some minors. They were allegedly trafficked through the website.

In fact, the co-founder of Backpage – Michael Lacey – had his home raided, as well as Jim Larkin, another co-founder. 

The bedrock law was finally overturned by the Trump administration. Previous civil and criminal charges had been brought up for Backpage, but they had gotten derailed by that law. Now, there is an exception to the rule for any website that knowingly supports or facilitates online sex trafficking. Victims and states can bring civil and criminal actions against such websites, which is what ultimately happened to While there is no official ‘new Backpage,’ you can find substitutes.

Are There Substitutes for Backpage?

If you were unlucky enough to be a user of Backpage, you probably did so to find sex, either paid for or free. Regardless, you can no longer use the site because it was shut down to protect women and men from sex trafficking. 

It’s easy to imagine yourself going without or having to masturbate a lot because you’re worried about using a Backpage alternative. However, there is nothing to fear, and most other websites like it don’t condone or allow sex trafficking. Still, it’s a good idea to research the site you plan to use so that you don’t get in trouble inadvertently or be required to find yet another Backpage replacement.

While there are a few sites that allow you to find escorts (men and women you pay for sex), there are plenty of others that don’t require prostitution. You simply find women and men who are interested in casual sex and meet up with them to engage in it. There are no legality issues, and you don’t have to worry about the site being fake or a scam. 

We do realize that some men enjoy the feeling of power they get from calling an escort. Therefore, some of the sites we mentioned earlier are true escort services.

What Are the Best Backpage Alternative Websites?

Are you actually looking for sites like Backpage, or do you want something better? Ultimately, we feel that Discreet Encounters is everything you could want and more. Instead of being like other Backpage alternatives websites, it works much differently, but it isn’t confusing to navigate or use.

It’s not your typical escort service, either, like Backpage tried to be. No, it’s an alternative escort website, so you’re not hiring anyone to take care of your sexual needs. Instead, you search the many members based on the filters you prefer. Find a cougar near you or a hot Latina chick to bang. Once you’ve found someone you like, send them a message. There’s no need to be coy about it; they are there for the same thing – hot, casual, discreet sex. The good news is that it’s all safe and secure. 

Each page is SSL encrypted for your protection. You immediately know if something is wrong, and as long as you don’t click any external links, you don’t risk malware or viruses on your device. Plus, it’s all discreet. You have to promise not to talk about the women you bang here, and they do the same. That way, no one has to know what you’re doing in your spare time.

What Is Bedpage?

Bedpage could actually be called the new Backpage and is quite similar to the old site’s setup. It’s a free classified website and one of the top choices in the world. While there are others that are more ‘in your face,’ it also makes it easier to get busted for prostitution. Though the encounters you have maybe private, some cops can use the site, either as ‘johns’ or as ‘hot babes’ who want your money in exchange for sex.

Ultimately, it’s much better to go with an alternative escort site like Discreet Encounters. The profiles and women are real, you don’t have to pay them for sexual favors, and it’s not illegal to use, making it a top Backpage replacement.

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