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Is Seeing an Escort Just a Casual Hookup?

May 20, 2021
Discreets Team

With an estimated 1 to 2 million escorts in the United States today, it comes as no surprise that hiring escort services, be it through backpages or online escort websites, is entirely normal for most people. The reasons for this may vary. Some guys can’t squeeze the time to meet girls on their busy schedules. Others are just shy and don’t have confidence in themselves to date women. And lastly—and this will sound boujee—is that they hire escorts to flaunt their wealth and social status.

Whatever their purpose may be, escorts come in different types and forms and ultimately serve the purpose they are requested for. There may be mixed answers if you’re asking whether escort hiring is but a casual hookup, and here are just some of them.

Yes, it’s a job they’re paid for

It’s the main fact that one should take note of. Call girls are just there to do their job. These casual encounters mean nothing serious to these women, with hundreds of their clients lining up for the services they offer. Treat it as just like any casual hookup. The only difference is you’re paying them, and you’re not getting anything for free.

No, it’s an intimate moment shared with a special partner

What makes it different from any casual hookup is what you’re getting in exchange for this particular arrangement. With most escort girls, specifically the high-priced ones, you’re treated to a bespoke experience that you won’t get from an ordinary girl. These are seasoned professionals who have perfected their skills and have invested heavily in their physique to give you the full worth of your dollar. They are also accommodating and can lend a sympathetic ear to their clients, going beyond the entire sexual experience.

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