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What do Escort Services Include in General?

November 10, 2020
Discreets Team

A professional escort, through escort sites, has long been seen to be one of two extremes: either a prostitute on the street, eager to service as many clients as possible in as little time as possible in order to fund a drug habit, or a brainless bimbo on the arm of a company CEO when he attends a highbrow event.

The reality is that neither of those fit the bill of today’s professional escort. Instead, escorts are regular members of society who receive financial compensation for the time that people want to spend with them.

This can mean anything from dinner in a quiet bar to a full night of passion, and everything, or even nothing, in between.

Do All Escorts Have Sex?

No, not at all. After all, not all clients who pay for their time are interested in sex. They simply want someone’s company, particularly if they’re alone in a strange city. We strongly believe that there’s no reason to dine alone when you could dine with a beautiful, interesting woman instead.

Sex is often on the table, of course, at least metaphorically! When you hire an escort, you’re paying for her time, so if sex is what you’re after, an escort will seek to ensure your full personal satisfaction.

Will the Escort do Anything I Ask?

We all have our boundaries, including professional escorts. Some are happy to fulfill any kink or fetish you may have, but others may draw the line at certain activities. For example, an escort may happily perform oral sex, but will refuse to engage in water sports.

Professional escorts understand that their purpose is your pleasure. They have high standards, and they appreciate that you will, too. Many professional escorts are experienced, horny housewives who just love to make you quiver, and take each client on a case by case basis.

An escort’s services can include:

Dinner, movie or theater dates
Drinks and conversation
Flirting and kissing
Sexual activity
Role play and fantasy

In order to find out your escort’s boundaries, ask her! She’ll be only too happy to explain exactly how far she’ll go to ensure you enjoy the whole experience to the fullest.

Why Should I Consider Hiring an Escort?

There are many reasons you should consider hiring an escort but ultimately, it’s a personal, highly indulgent service that you’re treating yourself to. Whether it’s for a meal, a night on the town, a simple deep, meaningful conversation or mind-blowing sex, then an escort could truly be the answer.

There’s nothing more exciting than a fling or casual encounter but since Craigslist clamped down on their escort ads, it’s taken until now to have the only alternative you could ever want, right here.

Professional escorts are discreet, safe, and fully focused on your pleasure. They’re unlikely to ever pursue a long-term relationship with you, so you can enjoy a fun-filled, adult experience with no strings attached.

What Are You Waiting For?

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