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How to Find Casual Sluts in 2023 [Guide]

October 14, 2021
Discreets Team

Casual sex or NSA fun has been more common nowadays, thanks to a growing acceptance of a more open-minded generation. It’s even easier finding a hot and nice girl to play with, especially with the help of apps such as Discreet Encounters.

If you want to have a naughty and uncomplicated hookup session with someone, your best bet is with a casual slut. That’s why we’ve written down answers on how to find casual sluts in 2023 to make it easier for you to spot one in the open the next time you check your phone. Read on to find out how!

What are Casual Sluts?

Before thinking the term “casual sluts” is mean in anyway, girls who are referred to such a term are actually sex-positive and empowered individuals who are not bogged down by what society thinks regarding their sexuality or sexual activity.

As the name suggests, they are game for some discreet encounters with anyone—as long as everything is done within reason and with consent. They thrive in connecting with guys through sex and uses it as a form of expression. These women are not into serious relationships. While some may even be in open relationships, they regard sex as merely an activity without putting too much sentiment or emotion on it.

Can I Find Sluts Online?

The answer is yes, and the Internet is the perfect place to start finding one. Recent surveys show that 77% of Americans hook up online–a good indicator that casual slut activity is thriving.

A good place to find one is through backpage alternatives. While this may sound old school, these alternative sites are actually teeming with hot and horny girls who are also searching for a playmate.

Similarly, Craigslist personals alternative sites, another classic platform for hooking up, bring plenty of options, especially if you’re particular with the type of slut you want to sleep with. Others may find it hard to match with one right away. But as long as you are patient and courteous when talking to an online casual slut, you’ll surely win them and just see the sparks fly right away.

Is it Safe to Meet Sluts?

There are no guarantees when meeting someone for the first time. In all honesty, there’s that small chance of you either getting mugged, scammed, or probably the worst thing you could ever imagine when things take a wrong turn.

But, hey, that’s part of the risk—and sometimes excitement—when doing casual hookups with someone you meet online. If you’re worried about your safety, there still are things within your control, such as using protection to avoid contracting STDs or arranging your meetups in a safer public space.

Will I Get Laid?

The answer is definitely a “yes.” Even if you don’t match with a girl you find online, there are plenty of ways for you to get laid—all of them involving money. Escorts are the perfect accomplice in helping you get lucky for the night.

The perfect way to find them is to check out the best escort sites offering various escort services and types of girls that perfectly suit your preference. From Asian to BBW, MILFs, to even trans escorts, the possibilities are endless!

Our Suggestion

That’s it for our ultimate guide on how to find casual sluts in 2023. As we always say, the best way to find a slut is online. While you may chance upon one in real life, those chances will be pretty slim, especially as no one would immediately reveal their true form to you in just one go.

Moreover, casual sluts aren’t always escorts. What if we told you that the best alternative app in finding them is through our very own app, Discreet Encounter? You won’t go wrong upon signing up as you’re opening yourself to plenty of chances to meet horny local girls who are down to play and make you happy for a night.

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